How to: Relax

A few weeks ago I shared about my very first craft workshop.  Although string art is all over the blogiverse, I still thought I’d share a little bit about the process I used in creating my own “Relax” sign.

One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest was this photo:


Not only is it my favorite color combination, but I really need a constant remind to take a chill pill.  So, when I was trying to thing of the perfect design for my string art, the work “RELAX” went straight to the top of the list.

(Please disregard the terrible lighting…)

First up, I blew up my letters in Photoshop and printed them, cutting each one out…

2012-08-01 20.00.272012-08-01 20.25.57

Then taped them down where I wanted them using tape loops…


Then got busy with a hammer and nails until all the letters were outlined…


I tied off my string on the first nail with a double knot, then went to town.  I didn’t use any particular wrapping method because I like the random look but you could certainly devise all sorts of patterns.



Since I was using my work as the example for demonstration at the workshop, I left the “X” unfinished…


But here it is now, the final product, in it’s “for now” residence in my completely NOT made over bathroom.  I love how the wood matches the trim and the string matches the walls of the master bedroom (stay tuned for the reveal next week!).  Totally a happy accident!

I LOVE this project!  I see repeat performances in my future, for sure.

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