June Desktop Wallpaper

Yeah, yeah, yeah… June is half way over.  But if I was the betting type I’d wager that you are tired of that June desktop you enthusiastically downloaded on June 1.  I’m just here to provide a mid-month refresh.  That’s it… this is my new strategy, not just that I’m horribly behind schedule.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!


1680×1050 HERE
1600×1200 HERE

logo copy

First jaunt into typography…

I needed a new wallpaper and I’m in LOVE with this free font (get it HERE). I’ve become more and more interested in typography so this is my first shot… not too complex so don’t judge me.  Feel free to download my little project for a screen near you!

(Go HERE and pick your size :))

Merry Christmas!

The End