Foto Friday: A Hike in Vermont

To get to my sister’s house, you have to cross a corn field, go over a bridge, and pass a farm… and that’s all after you’ve driven 45 minutes from the nearest Walmart.



They live right about here…


Just off the main road before you get into the corn fields, there is an old rail road that’s now part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

We try to make it a habit to take a hike out to the old bridge when we visit.  Prepare yourself for a ton of pics and not a lot of words…

Mom and Dad


Even on a cold Fall day after all the leaves have turned and fallen, it’s still pretty gorgeous.

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Wanted: A Flight to Vermont

It’s official… 

I am the aunt to the sweetest baby girl, little Amelia Rose, born yesterday at 1:57pm.  I love all 20.5 inches and 8 pounds of her.  The only bittersweet moment of the whole picture is that I am 1,414 miles away from my only sister, my brother-in-law, and my new favorite person, Amelia.  According to Google, if I start driving at this exact moment, I would arrive in their driveway in 25 hours… of course, I’d prefer to fly.

Needless to say, all I want today is a flight to Vermont… STAT.  Until I see this child, I’ll be stuck in a virtual airport waiting area.


Alas, with a lack of vacation time and a couple hundred spare dollars laying around, I’ll just have to work on my patience.  The amazing thing is that Amelia, at barely a day old, is already a Skype pro so I’ve seen little wiggles and heard the spectacular little coos only such a cute baby can make.  I’ve already assessed that she has my sister’s perfect nose and her daddy’s disposition.  I am in LOVE and she is worth the wait 🙂

Welcome to the world baby girl, Auntie Riah loves you!