Turn on your heartlight…

I may or may not be quoting the Neil Diamond song, but this project has a little sparkle with or without the Diamond.  It all started with a random branch that my aunt and cousin spray painted in my grandma’s backyard while using gold paint for homemade Valentine’s presents.

I liked the branch so much I brought it home, scheming to make some kind of mobile out of it.  Enter a few dozen hearts hand cut out of glitter scrapbook paper.

1 Then I just poked small holes and used fishing line to attach the hearts to the branches at different lengths.  (This was the point were my poor friend stood holding the branch up while i tied and tied and tied… she’s a trooper!)

3And a little bit more fishing line had the bad boy handing from the chandelier


I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  It’s hard to tell from these pictures but there is a nice sparkle to it.


and it really cheered up the place after I took down all the Christmas decorations (yes I JUST took them down!)


I have a feeling that this will be up way past Valentines Day!

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