The Shot for 2008

In the dark…, originally uploaded by MariahKW.

As challenged by fellow flickrites, I search my photostream for something that would capture 2008.  Although it asked for “best” shot, I interpreted this as the shot that captured 2008 the best.

This time of year usually makes me think of all the things left unaccomplished, but this year was different.   2008 started off on a good note (it didn’t take much to beat 2007) but the running head start soon took a nose dive which led to some of my life’s biggest traumas, heart breaks, and world altering decisions.  This may seem a big dramatic (and to an extent it is) but my life turned a big corner this year.  So, I sit here, only days away from the end of another year, having seen every facet of emotion in my reflection over the past months, and for once… I am content to simply be emerging from the dark places.