I’ve been feeling the black hole that exists when all inspiration is gone. I found a momentary peace in the lack of creativity, content to be in the present and just appreciate creation for a while.  Then I started to play what I call “Explore Tour” on Flickr and swirl endlessly in the black hole as I see the remarkable talent that is out there.  It makes me want to delete my account.

I was just sitting here, listening to Xavier Rudd. Come Let Go is one of the few songs that switches my mind to another state. There is something inside that I can’t quite grasp.

This got me thinking about what my work is lacking. I try to create, I try to capture… but in the end it’s empty. Expression is missing, the pulling out of myself and the pushing of this force into a project. Like sending messages into space that someone somehow somewhere someday might hear and just know, whether they understand or not, that I was here.

It’s been a while…

, originally uploaded by MariahKW.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… well it’s been a while since I pretty much did anything.  I gave up Facebook for lent (and I don’t miss it).  I haven’t really listened to much music to continue my song of the day run.  My Flickr-love seems to have run dry.   All the busy “doing” seems to get me nowhere so I give it up and stand still for a while.

It’s in these prosaic time that I look up and there it is… the most amazing artwork, well, ever.  These painted skies humble and embolden.  I wonder, is it always this amazing and I’m just not paying attention?  I’m reminded who the Creator is, and who the creator is not.
I give myself a break from forced “creation” just to keep up with some indeterminable force that we like to label “progress”.  I am thankful for the silence sought in this staleness.  Creation without the proper focus is dull… creation focused towards the heavens, well, there is nothing dull about that.