A Case for New Pillows

When I moved into my new-to-me house, I inherited a bisque-y beige-y palace.  At first, it was refreshing because the last few places I lived had brightly colored walls in colors that weren’t exactly my style.    So the neutral monochromatic thing worked for a while… until I began to crave some color.  That’s when the master bedroom redo project began!


Here’s the before:

Now, you got to see a preview of the wall color and one DIY art project HERE.  Next up has everything to do with this fun fabric that I snatched up on clearance ages ago, with no project in mind.  I love the colors… and even more, I love coffee!


After the bedroom began to take shape, it became pretty obvious that the bed needed some more color.  The brown leather throw pillows were too close in color to the head board so I decided to give them a new look.  I started by taking the cases off the existing pillows to get the measurements I needed for the new cases.


Width-wise, the fabric was the perfect dimension to leave on the selvage and just fold in half so I only needed to sew up the long sides and hem the opening.


I went back and forth between zippers and buttons for closures, but in the end, I opted for simple ribbon ties.


I just pinned them were I wanted them then sewed away, going back and forth a couple times to make sure they’re good and secure.   Singe the ends of the ribbons a bit if you want to make sure you don’t end up with fringe.


And there you have it!   Voila!  Literally a 10 minute project.


And here they are in the natural surroundings… that middle pillow is now screaming out for a new outfit.


What’s your vote?  Color? Solid? Pattern?  Fur of some kind?  Help!

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Project #4: Bedding for Baby Rebbekah

Say that 10 times fast!


One of my best friends was expecting her second child, little Rebbekah, and I wanted to make something special so I asked if I could help with her bedding.  I’m so excited how it turned out!  Although I don’t have a picture to share of it up in her crib just yet, I think her mommy is pleased!


I’ll let you know that my early intention was to photograph each step and tutorialize the whole process… but that just didn’t go as planned. 


The bumper started with about 8 different fabrics and a crazy sketch of dimensions and calculations


then I cut panels and sewed them together to create a symmetrical pattern,


backing with another fabric and using extra wide bias tape to finish it off. 


As for the crib skirt, I started running out of fabric so I used some extras to create the the thin border panel to get it a little extra length. 



And TADA!  Project #4 falls into the COMPLETED category. 🙂


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