My Weekend Project: Holiday Mini Book


I don’t remember how I got turned on to the blog of Elise Blaha Cripe, EnJOY It, but it’s definitely in my top five.  I’ve been following along with her mini book projects and wanted to do one so badly that this November, I bought myself a little early Christmas present.  Man, I LOOOOVE getting fun mail and packages like this can make my month.

Elise’s completed Holiday Book is just chalk-full of inspiration.  I can’t wait to get started!  I’ve been saving up lots of memories to add so I hope to make a big dent this weekend.  I still have to collect a few pics from family but I think I can get most of it done.  Here are a few of the details inside that I can’t wait to dig into:

DSC07393 DSC07391 DSC07392

The holiday mini book is no longer on her Etsy site, Elise Joy,  but go take a browse around.  Her “Goodness” book is available along with lots of cool prints and posters.  I’m also the excited owner of this poster to remind me of my goal to make some magic this year!

So, stay tuned!  I hope to have some progress/completion pics for you next week!

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2012: Project 1, Deal 1, and a Quick-And-Dirty Goal List

First of all, here’s the first deal I’ve cashed in on this year…

DEAL #1: Today at you can get a FREE custom card with FREE shipping with code CSTHANKS112 at checkout.

I clicked my way over to and fell in love with this graphic and an idea was born.



PROJECT #1:  I decided to get this card for myself as a little piece of art I’ll frame and hang in a prominent place to remind me of my goals for 2012.  Inside I included a quick-and-dirty summary of my 2012 goals.



Of course, there is a lot more to the entire 2012 Action Plan but these 7 goals hit on all the dreams I have rolling around in my heard right now.  That and, the 35-page life plan I’m writing seems like it’d be a bit overkill for the blog.  (Just kidding… only 20 pages…)

And just in case, here’s a little proof that this is 100% free… GO GET ONE!!!


So what have you got going for 2012?  Resolving not to resolve?  Is this the year you conquer the world?  Let’s hear it!
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