A Trip to the Science Center

Several months ago, when my brother first moved down from Pensacola, we borrowed our cousin, Sharayah, for the weekend and used her as an excuse to go play at the Orlando Science Center.   As a kid, this was the coolest place on Earth, and it didn’t disappoint now that I’m, well, not exactly a kid anymore.


I think Jacob and I were a little more excited about some of the exhibits… But then we found this room …  and I started having visions of what Sharayah would grow up to be… a pilot?  an astronaut?

a hipster snake charmer? Microbiologist? But then there was the BEST room… the dinosaur room!  The room that reminded me that I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was growing up (due in part to Indiana Jones, I’m sure.)

And she loved it!  We spend an hour dusting away rubber “sand” to reveal bones of all sorts…


but I won’t put “weather girl” out of the picture… she did a great job with the green screen!

Eventually I stopped projecting into the future and got back into kid mode while checking out all the animals…

She was a little excited about these guys (biologist?)…what else would you do with antlers you are allowed to touch? but at the end of the day, playing in water won out and we spent a crazy amount of time sending these little boats over waterfalls and getting out shirts all wet.

I’m still not sure who had more fun… but I certainly know who was more tired… ME.  I tricked the little one into a nap by turning out all the lights to enjoy the static orb thingamajiggy that came home with us.


Have you been back to a childhood “playground” lately?  Better than you remember?


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