Ombre Paint Chip Art

I’ve got to admit, all this “paint chip” art leaves me with mixed feelings.  I can’t help but blaming these crafters for the future when I’ll have to pay for paint chips for an ACTUAL PAINTING PROJECT…


when I was cleaning up the office I found this stack of paint chips I’d picked up to test out office colors.   It seemed like a waste to just throw them away so an impromptu project was born and my judgmental side received a little stab of conviction.

1All I did was grab the closest punch and went to town, working from the darkest cards to the lightest to create the gradient effect.  I thought about making it 3D with the butterfly wings bent but went the lazy route and used ye olde glue stick to fix them to white cardstock, cropped to 8×10.

2Then into a dollar store frame it went and up on the wall on an existing nail… because I’m a planner like that.


I don’t love the frame but I do love that this project was completely free.  Maybe I’ll go back and hit the frame with some spray paint for a pop of color.  We shall see.

So there it is.  I can no longer be outspokenly judgmental of paint chip crafters.  Darn you Pinterest.

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