Laugh Out Loud

Day 42 of 365

I have funny friends. I mean, really hilarious friends. We are, naturally, funnier together… it’s a blessing, I know. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t eek out at least a pale representative of my obnoxious laugh.

Somewhere along the way I decided that my laugh was embarrassing. I tried on all kinds of laughs, mimicking others, stifling the uproarious explosion that was being held behind steel bars. Holding back only lead to even more embarrassing outburst of frantic laughter at inopportune times such as when people fell down stairs or make serious but completely awkward statements.

Then I met one of my favorite people, Rachel, who has, without a doubt, the best laugh ever. It’s loud. It’s fantastic. I heard it and my pent-up laugh of origin, like a suppressed accent, demanded to be released. It didn’t matter what she was laughing at, I just needed to laugh along with her in full outrageous volume.   I was working with the best team ever and we were funny together.  Oh, the good ole days 🙂

It was at the same time that I met one of my most hilarious friends. I refer to her as The Bircham but she prefers KT. Frankly, she calls me Miranda, so I’ll be calling her Bircham whether she likes it or not. She is funny but, together, we are completely unstoppable. I mean, we crack ourselves up. This girl needs her very own TV show (which she’s already named “The Flats”). Too bad the world doesn’t find us quite as amusing.

Recently, KT and I (and actually a lot of other people in our circle) have been plagued by the need to suppress said laughter for reasons of noise control, professionalism, and well, flat-out censorship. We’ve been developing various methods that I thought I ought to share with you along with a bit of the Bircham and Miranda comedy routine.

Laughter Suppression Methods:
• Hold your breath
• Inflict pain on yourself (I prefer biting down on my knuckles)
• Inflict pain on others (well, that’s KT’s suggestion… she’s such a gangster, and as she edits this blog, she corrects and says “others is plural-we like to do it to more than one person… or I do)
• Think about something that is not funny (imagine someone dying… in a not funny way)

The Great KT/Miranda Comedy Routine (that only we think is hilarious): Continue reading “Laugh Out Loud”