Project Life: Week 6

Week 6 and I’m pretty impressed with myself having stuck with ANYTHING this long!  I didn’t do a very good job remembering to take photos throughout the week but the weekend, as usual, provides good material.  If there weren’t weekends, this project would just be about displaying pretty paper… which, I’d actually like in a strange way.


I digress…

1 I stuck with my usual date card added a journal-rundown of the events of the week and took advantage of my lack of photos to include two uninterrupted 3×4 cards from the Seafoam Collection.


I took advantage of a wide shot of Sharayah’s encounter with two sandhill cranes in Grandma’s front yard to stretch across the four 3×4 slots and I embellished some Seafoam paper with black chevron washi and added a label for a little text. 3

and that’s pretty much it…. 4 Not a whole like to write home about but that’s okay… some weeks are like that!

5 Overall, this has been about giving myself permission to keep things simple and reminding myself to just ENJOY the process…

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Project Life: Week 5

The fact that it’s February already is sort of blowing my mind.  I’m still waiting for winter to show up here in Florida but it looks like we’ve been skipped all together this year.  The skies do get amazing with this type of weather, though, so I can’t complain much.


1Again, a simple title card and lots of Martha Stewart labels wrapped around edges.  I’ve started stamping on cardstock then cutting out the shape to add a bit more embellishments to my photos.  On the bottom, I let the pinwheel card show through from the week prior and used a 3×4 card for some journaling.  The bottom right is a photo of a million and one freaky little birds that were swarming outside my office window. It was straight out of a Hitchcock movie.

2The second page was pretty much devoted to our Third Annual Friendsgiving a.k.a. “we are too busy to see each other during the holidays so let’s do something in February when the thought of Thanksgiving food sounds good again and we aren’t so busy.”

3I couldn’t resist adding some bakers twine to this cute little card…

4I’m really loving the look of photos cropped down and layered over a background card.  These are cropped to 2.5” square.  A little washi holds them in place and helps me justify the rolls and rolls of tape I’ve accumulated.

5I took a screen clip of the evite we used for our dinner and cut it to fit the four 3×4 slots across the middle (throwing a snapshot in for good measure).

6Why did I include three pictures of the same turkey? Well, you see, every gathering we have turns into an instagram challenge.  I’m not sure how this got started but two of my friends in particular are pretty competitive so these were the three “entries.”  I love that I caught one friend in the act, lining up a shot!

7 How is your February shaping up?  Freezing off your tail feather?  Pull the flip flops back out?

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Project Life: Week 4

Four weeks into the new year and I’m totally into this project.  So far I’ve realized that it’s helping me to remember all this little moments.  This week was low on the photo front but I still managed to snap a few of my favorite things: good coffee, knitting, cocktails, hibiscus and drives in the country with my window down.




I’ve taken to keeping the week’s “title” card fairly simple with a little embellishment and  the date range stamped out.  The “today is good card is the backside of a card I used in the prior week.  Love that they are two sided!2Again, just keeping it simple, a few shots from a weekend drive and a bit of journaling.  The “drive on” was just me doodling but I decided to cut it down to fit across the 3x4s.

3Knitting, washi tape AND my favorite stamp?  This was easily my favorite part of this spread.

4  and I really liked how this turned out with the rest of the Martha Stewart label wrapped around the side (I wrote on the label on the reverse of this card last week).  I just did a simple mat under the 3×3 photo to make is stand out a bit more.  I love how the flower matches the paper.  6

These pinwheel cards are so fun!  I decided to include a bit of journaling as well.

5 So there you have it!  Week 4 in Project Life!

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Project Life: Week 3

So I’m behind on my posting of Project Life but at least I’m true to my procrastinating nature.  The last few weeks of word have been go-go-go.  So much so that I make it to the weekend realizing that I haven’t taken many, if any, pictures.  At least the weekends make up for it…




1 This particular weekend was full of time spent with my cousin, Sharayah…

2 I couldn’t help but put a flower in her hair, especially since she is notorious for picking flowers and passing them out to anyone who will have them.  We played the mandolin and ukulele, built blanket forts and made cupcakes.  Blue ones, of course!

3 Have I mentioned that I am LOVING the papers and cards from the Seafoam Collection?  The fact that they are double sided seems to make the following week a little easier to put together because there is something already showing through if I want to use it.

4 Rayah was so patient with this one as I played with my new phone’s panorama function.  “Move to the left a little more… hold!  Hold!  Okay, move again…”  You get the picture.

5 While I’m a little behind on posting, I have kept up with the pages so I’m calling this new “memory keeping” habit a winner!  What do you do to with your photos?

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Project Life: Week 2

I’ve got to say, I’m loving Project Life… I know this is only the second week I’ve posted but I’m having so much fun collecting little “memory bits” to add each week.  This week I received my Project Life Sea Foam Core Kit and it is more awesome than I expected.  Also, I couldn’t resist the Sea Foam Paper Pack and finally committed to this binder.


So, here’s week 2…

I did a 360 degree panorama of my cube because, let’s face it, I spend the majority of my time here.  I used chip letters to write out “my work life” across the spread of 3×4 pics and stamped on a “you are here” on the first photo.


I used a card from the Sea Foam Core Kit as my title card, included the text from this post about my annual goals/habits, used another sea foam card for a little explanation of my cubicle panorama and embellished with cut outs of the stamped “this” arrow.  The bottom right is a card from Katie Bower from Bower Power which I was beyond stoked to receive!


Did I mention I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these cards?  Cause i do!  I just added a star embellishment, free-handed the “week 2” and used my date stamp to mark out the start and end dates for the week.

pg3 The second page hold the continuation of the panorama and a diagonal kit card that I used for journaling on the top right.   4 This week my battery died and my tire went flat so I ended up eating dinner at Sam’s Club while waiting for the work to be done. I snapped a pic of my Icee and hot dog then used a clean Nathan’s wrapper as the background, folded over the edge and secured the photo and the edge with washi tape. the hexagon pattern backing was a great place for a little writing. 5   I think this was my favorite addition… I received this Pantone mug from my friend Lynn (from CaraBella Creative) for Christmas and she wrapped it in brown paper, secured with washi and baker’s twine… LOVE!  I used the wrapping as the background, attached the pic with some mounting squared and wrapped the twine around it several times, securing with tape on the back.  A little hand lettering and ta-da!.


You’ll have to excuse the terrible photos… I’m still trying to work out the best light set up but I’ll get there!  I can’t wait to have a huge binder FULL of these pages!!!!

The stuff: “This” and “You are here” stamps are by Elise Blaha Cripe, “Oh My” stamp was from Michaels, label by Martha Stewart, and again, the Sea Foam Core Kit, Paper and Project Life Binder can all be found on Amazon.

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