This New (to me) House!

It’s I’ve-got-the-keys-in-my-hand official!  I am a home owner!!!

Okay, I’ll admit it.  That would have been a much more exciting sentence if this was being posted in June when I closed on the house.  Oh well.  LIFE HAPPENS.

Buying a house was easily the biggest commitment I’ve ever made in my entire life but I’m actually excited instead of scared.  Guess that’s what happens when you bide your time and wait for the right one.

Here it is… the reveal you’ve all been waiting for… unless of course:

    1. I already forced you multiple times to look at the pictures from my first showing
    2. I’ve already enticed you over with promises of food and frivolity
    3. I’ve made you work at my house in order to consume said food
    4. You helped take care of me after my foot surgery
    5. You haven’t been waiting at all because you know me too well and you guessed it would take at least 6 months to get pictures online…

Take that Es! I’ve got you beat by two months!  

 DSC07322DSC07324DSC07325DSC07326  DSC07328  DSC07332DSC07333DSC07337DSC07335DSC07344DSC07363DSC07336DSC07338DSC07341DSC07343DSC07342DSC07351DSC07347DSC07348

So that’s pretty much the at-a-glance tour of the place! More to come as I start digging into the decoration process.  I’ll leave you with a few favorite “moments” I love (or find hilarious). 

DSC07352 DSC07353 DSC07354   DSC07360DSC07357 DSC07358 DSC07362 DSC07356 DSC07365

A Method to the Moving Madness: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of The Move.

When I left off, we’d just finished up the “easy” stuff.  At this point closets are empty or sparse and furniture and walls are bare.  We are over the hump with only one last beast to tackle… the kitchen.  Working up to packing this room I highly recommend scouring your local liquor stores for boxes (what were YOU thinking??)–the bottle dividers are perfect for protecting your glasses.  This is also a great time to take some early morning walks wearing your ninja gear to snag the neighbor’s newspaper out of their recycling bins before the trucks roll around… I’m just saying, I’m all about free packing material. Continue reading “A Method to the Moving Madness: Part 2”

A Method to the Moving Madness: Part 1

I’ve moved a fair few times.  This upcoming move will bring the tally up to eleven… in thirteen years, I’d say that qualifies me for some “frequent mover” miles.

Although it’s been over 4 years since I moved into my current house, the method to the madness is all coming back to me.

First: books.  Why? Because I have a TON of them and they pack conveniently.  For your first hurrah, you need some instant gratification and nothing does that like empty bookshelves.

Second on the docket is decor items.  They are, afterall, fairly superfluous so you won’t be running around in the interim frantic that you packed something too early.  This does amp up the emotions a bit since you’ve pretty much stripped the place of your personality.  On the other hand, it does help you feel like you are getting somewhere because you can actually see the change.

Next up: closets. For me, this started in the office since this closet is the most jam-packed with stuff I won’t need in the foreseeable future.  

[Note: in this step, I always skip things that can easily be conveyed in my car directly into the new closet like clothes on hangers, extra linens and towels. It all ends up across the back seat or in trash bags. If it’s not an across-town move, I’d suggest holding out only the essentials and pack everything else: off-season clothes and shoes, spare blankets and sheets, etc.]

This is about when you experience the inexplicable expanding of stuff.  The results of my recent test show a minimum 500% increase in volume of “stuff” as it exits the closet.  Think of the “AB” foam experiment by Mythbusters (skip to 5:50 if you want to get straight to the action).

“It’s not just mean, it’s HORRIFIC!” (Cue classic horror flick scream)

Closely following closets are all the drawers and storage hidey-holes in the house.  I’ve given up on moving my cedar chest while completely full.  It’s an emergency room visit for the guy who throws his back out and it’s more likely that your furniture will get damaged when it’s being carted around weighing approximately 5,000 pounds.

So, in summary, you start with this…

And end up with this…

I find that deep breathing and visualizing a deserted beach keep me from complete freak out mode. 🙂

So there it is, part one of this fiasco process.  Stay tuned for future developments!


This Old House


The big news is that, after nearly 13 years of renting, I’ll soon be moving into the realm of home ownership.  How soon, well, it’s up to a bank but very soon I hope.  And in an effort to embrace the live-like-it’s-already-true attitude, I’ve embarked on the great packing expedition.  A few reflections:

1) How is it that the contents of a closet expand by 400% when removed from said closet?

2) I have WAAAAAAAY to much stuff.

3) A lot of the things I’ve saved for years because “when I have my own house, I’ll want/need this” I really don’t want or need anymore.

4) Holy cow!  I have no photos of my current house!

Before moving on to the highlights of the packing ramp up, I thought I should take an hour to frantically clean a second to snap a few shots for posterity and, of course, to share on this here blog.  The packing progress shots will be sort of a decoration project in reverse.

Here’s the grand tour!

Welcome to mi casa!  This is what you see when you come in the front door… you basically walk straight into my ginormous couch. (It’s like a Where’s Waldo–how many animals can you find?)

And looking back you can scope out the removable stained glass that provided some much needed privacy after the house was broken into and I was paranoid.  My mom painted those flowers and I looooove them!

This is what you see when you sit on the couch…(don’t let Sherry over at Young House Love see my white ceramic bull–I might be guilted into handing it over).  The pots have morphed into storage for the dog toys.  Don’t judge me.

Here’s the general view of the kitchen (yes it’s reeeeally that yellow).  Pretty standard except for maybe the abundance of empty bottles.  Again, don’t judge me.  I’ve been saving them for one of those “when I have my own house” projects that I hope to actually do.  Stay tuned 🙂

The garage is, well, a garage  and one of the bedrooms and a bathroom is empty already since the roomie moved out so I’ll spare you those shots.

And I’ve shared the office/craft room before HERE so this is pretty much what it looks like although is more often then not in a state of shambles (hence the reference to the old yet tidy picture).

This is one of the biggest decorating challenges because of the wallpaper border.  As you can probably tell, I sort of just gave up.

Last but not least is the bedroom.

Yes, that wardrobe does, in fact, lead to Narnia.  I’ll be selling annual passes on Ebay shortly.

And the backyard view… beautiful and relaxing but also a vortex of thorns.  Bougainvilleas, I will NOT miss you.

So that’s the tour in fast forward.  This has been a great house for the last few years, a true blessing really, but I’m more than ready to move on to having a casa that is truly mine.  Will I go “coastal cottage”?  Will I change the paint as often as I change my nail color?  All I know is that it will be all me and all mine… weeds and all. 🙂