Habits: February

January was a good month for habits… I managed to be consistent with my stretching routine and quiet times.  Water, not so much, but it’s a work in progress, right?

February has been a little up in the air but I’m determined to get it back on track and add some new habits.  What is that saying?  “Motivation gets you started; habits keep you going.”  I’m hard up on the motivation for the moment, if I’m honest, but I’m UNSTOPPABLE so not to worry!

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Most of those are pretty self-explanatory but the “get my derriere in the chair” is all about sitting down to work at home.  I have a million and one projects just waiting to be done, posts ready to be written and a final draft of the novel to bang out.  The hardest part has always been sitting down to start… so here’s to getting my derriere in the chair!

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Habits: January

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve decided to establish new habits this year instead of setting goals (and subsequently feeling like a failure).  For me, the most important time of day is the morning… if I don’t get off to a good start the whole day is toast…

And the word of the year is UNSTOPPABLE.

In January I will hold quiet time sacred.  EVERY MORNING.  I’m definitely not saying it’s for everyone, but for me, I’ve got to get my heart and head right before putting foot to floor.

In January I will stretch every a.m.  before even getting out of bed.  Waking up with pain has become a part of life.  I literally can’t stand on my feet without a warm up.  With a few minutes of doctor recommended stretches, though, I can get my back to stop spazzing, get my hip feeling 32 instead of 92 and convince my feet to do their job.

In January I will drink more H2O… hydration is survivals first priority… and frankly, survival sounds like a good plan.

In January I will be UNSTOPPABLE.


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