Habits: January

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve decided to establish new habits this year instead of setting goals (and subsequently feeling like a failure).  For me, the most important time of day is the morning… if I don’t get off to a good start the whole day is toast…

And the word of the year is UNSTOPPABLE.

In January I will hold quiet time sacred.  EVERY MORNING.  I’m definitely not saying it’s for everyone, but for me, I’ve got to get my heart and head right before putting foot to floor.

In January I will stretch every a.m.  before even getting out of bed.  Waking up with pain has become a part of life.  I literally can’t stand on my feet without a warm up.  With a few minutes of doctor recommended stretches, though, I can get my back to stop spazzing, get my hip feeling 32 instead of 92 and convince my feet to do their job.

In January I will drink more H2O… hydration is survivals first priority… and frankly, survival sounds like a good plan.

In January I will be UNSTOPPABLE.


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October: Currently…

oct currently 

Anticipating: my upcoming trip to Vermont to see family.

Baking: my favorite vegan pumpkin muffins.

Changing: the look of my logo.

Drinking: lots of Starbuck’s Soy Pumpkins Spice Lattes.

Entertaining: the idea of starting a new novel.

Finishing: the first draft of Broken Places.

Grateful: to be surrounded by supportive and inspiring friends.

Happy: to spend so much time with my cousin and god daughter Sharayah. 

Ignoring: the voices in my head that say my dreams are silly.

Jumping: at the change to teach more.

Knitting: cabled toddler hats.

Listening: to Seryn, the Lumineers and the audiobook Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Marveling: at God’s handiwork in the sky.

Noticing: the first plumeria blooms at the new house.

Obsessing: over site stats even though I shouldn’t.

Proud: of the progress I’ve made on my 2012 goals.

Qualifying: what success really is to me.

Ready: to decorate for Fall.

Sacrificing: sleep to get my hustle on.

Thinking: about how glad I am my brother is back in Central Florida.

Using: my new washi tape, baker’s twine and stamps to make cards.

Visualizing: ways to maximize my days.

Watching: reruns of Brad Metzler’s Decoded.

X-ing: things off the list that don’t really matter.

Yearning: to get Christmas projects started.

Zooming: through a new cycling routine.

Week(s) in Photos: Aug 1-15


String art project for my first ever craft workshop…


Pow-wowing with my favorite writing buddy and a bedroom redo preview…


My festive tree and a doodle spree with my new bamboo tablet…


The reason i don’t let this guy near my wooden knitting needles…


A little “surprise” and a reason to upgrade my chandelier…


The Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit…


and ridiculous Florida skies…


Dinner with my aunts on I-Drive…


Inspiration for some DIY art and lazy fortunes…


and more previews of things to come!

Putting my money where my mouth is

One of my favorite quotes is


But something seems to get lost in translation.  I don’t think I forget what I want but my actions say something different entirely.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “mindless” and entire evenings, days, weeks, months, years pass by and I’ve got a whole lotta nada to show for it…  The only cure to get out of a rut like this?  Well, it involves drastic measures.

I’ve deleted all games/time suckers from my phone. Goodbye fish tank.  Goodbye lovely farm.  My dream cafe?  DELETED. 

I’ve cancelled Netflix.  Today is the last day before the lights go out and I’m already experiencing DT’s.  I’m also fighting my compulsion to complete every series I’ve ever started.  There just is no way I’m going to get through the last 63 episodes of HIMYM by midnight tonight… 

I’m working on altering my schedule so instead of having a couple hours to doddle in the morning, I get straight to my day then have 6 uninterrupted hours in the evening to work on goals and general life necessities.

But it’s not all about scratching out to-do list items.  I recently read this article at SuperSimbo.com and it left me convicted.  He says,

I’ve been challenged recently by the ease with which my time can be wastedBut, what about my time in “private meditation and communion with Christ?”

My time in private meditation has been “better” as I’ve embarked on my Bible-in-a-Year goal but it’s a far cry from what it should be.  Is there really anything I want more than my relationship with Christ?  If you ask me, I’d say, “Absolutely not!”  If you read my actions, though, a whole nother answer emerges. 

It’s time to remember what I want.


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