FREE Jars of Clay Album!

If you like the band Jars of Clay AND can’t pass up free music this is your lucky day!  Take a second during your morning break and snatch up the FREE Jars of Clay album Gather and Build: A Collection over on NOISETRADE.  Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses…



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FREE Music Monday

Two things I’m passionate about:

  1. Music
  2. Freebies

The perfect combo? Free music!

Finding free music downloads online isn’t hard. The thing I find difficult is discerning what free downloads are free AND legal. Thus begins a bit of research…

I found THIS article from as well as THIS  list provided by the both providing some promising information.  Immediately I was intrigued that provided music downloads but all provided links took me to and a search of the main CNET site didn’t dish anything up… maybe I’m just impatient?  Maybe I need an account at  Oh well.  I call this one a fail.  Too bad, really, because I like CNET.  Exploration into the plethora of other suggested sites revealed an overwhelming amount music and information. 


Naturally, when this paralysis strikes me, I head back to my trusted and loyal source of freebie music,  I couldn’t possible let you read this and leave empty handed!

Here is a little shopping list for you:

Sun Hands by Local Natives

Walk Tall by Ziggy Marley

For What Reason by Death Cab for Cutie

Nat Geo Sampler by Various Artists

Got Nuffin by Spoon

Download. Listen. Enjoy.