2012: Project 1, Deal 1, and a Quick-And-Dirty Goal List

First of all, here’s the first deal I’ve cashed in on this year…

DEAL #1: Today at Cardstore.com you can get a FREE custom card with FREE shipping with code CSTHANKS112 at checkout.

I clicked my way over to Cardstore.com and fell in love with this graphic and an idea was born.



PROJECT #1:  I decided to get this card for myself as a little piece of art I’ll frame and hang in a prominent place to remind me of my goals for 2012.  Inside I included a quick-and-dirty summary of my 2012 goals.



Of course, there is a lot more to the entire 2012 Action Plan but these 7 goals hit on all the dreams I have rolling around in my heard right now.  That and, the 35-page life plan I’m writing seems like it’d be a bit overkill for the blog.  (Just kidding… only 20 pages…)

And just in case, here’s a little proof that this is 100% free… GO GET ONE!!!


So what have you got going for 2012?  Resolving not to resolve?  Is this the year you conquer the world?  Let’s hear it!
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Holy Savings, Batman!!!

Some of you may know that I’ve been playing around with creating digital art (read “Mariah plays with fonts”) for a while now.  With the upcoming craft fair season, I thought I would venture into selling some of the prints I’ve created.  After much research of printing companies, I was left super discouraged.  Nothing was cost friendly enough to convince this non-committal artsy-fart. 

Then, I had a thought (I do that occasionally).   What if I just buy a good quality printer and do the printing myself.  Enter the HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer!  It’s a printer, scanner, copier combo that does professional quality color and photo printer… 


… and THEN I noticed the price!

Regularly $249.99 (plus tax and shipping), this model is eligible for an instant rebate of $100.  Score!  Add. To. Cart.

… and THEN I find it qualified for free shipping.  Nice!

… and THEN my eye is drawn a box in the bottom right corner that tells this model is ALSO eligible for a free $30 gift card.  Yes please!

Why stop there?  I Googled around for all of 2 minutes and found a coupon code [SAVE15HP] for $15 off a $75 purchase!  Shut the front door!

Check out!  Check out NOW before they realize I’m skating away with a sweet deal!  Here’s the details:


SO, that’s a $249 printer delivered to my door for $143.77 PLUS a hot $30 gift card in my pocket that will be perfect for buying replacement cartridges down the line.  (Although, I won’t need replacements for a while since the printer comes with a black cartridge good for up to 900 pages and color cartridges for up to 300 pages!)

Okay… phew.  I’m calming down a little.  I apologize for all those exclamation points but seriously, who doesn’t get bat crazy over a good deal? 


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