October: Currently…

oct currently 

Anticipating: my upcoming trip to Vermont to see family.

Baking: my favorite vegan pumpkin muffins.

Changing: the look of my logo.

Drinking: lots of Starbuck’s Soy Pumpkins Spice Lattes.

Entertaining: the idea of starting a new novel.

Finishing: the first draft of Broken Places.

Grateful: to be surrounded by supportive and inspiring friends.

Happy: to spend so much time with my cousin and god daughter Sharayah. 

Ignoring: the voices in my head that say my dreams are silly.

Jumping: at the change to teach more.

Knitting: cabled toddler hats.

Listening: to Seryn, the Lumineers and the audiobook Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Marveling: at God’s handiwork in the sky.

Noticing: the first plumeria blooms at the new house.

Obsessing: over site stats even though I shouldn’t.

Proud: of the progress I’ve made on my 2012 goals.

Qualifying: what success really is to me.

Ready: to decorate for Fall.

Sacrificing: sleep to get my hustle on.

Thinking: about how glad I am my brother is back in Central Florida.

Using: my new washi tape, baker’s twine and stamps to make cards.

Visualizing: ways to maximize my days.

Watching: reruns of Brad Metzler’s Decoded.

X-ing: things off the list that don’t really matter.

Yearning: to get Christmas projects started.

Zooming: through a new cycling routine.