Currently… catching up

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  I feel like I’ve started at least half a dozen posts with a sentence like that.  I almost apologized but decided it’s not really something to feel bad about.  So there’s that out of the way.

I feel like I’m behind in the entire race of life at the moment.  A lot has happened since my last “Currently” post so in the spirit of my September resolution to “call it all current and move forward” here is a wrap up since the last time I wrote.

This is what June through August looked like:

Anticipating: the arrival of my nephew, Harrison Jerome Grant, on June 22nd, visiting Vermont family in late June/early July, my 3rd foot surgery on July 19th, and walking again for the whole month of August.

Being: okay with saying “yes” when help is offered.

Compiling: lists of things I want to make for and do with my niece, nephew & baby cousin.

Drinking: as many Slurpees as people would bring me.

Embracing: the wheelchair.  It makes life much easier around the house!

Focusing: on all the blessings.

Grateful: for family visits in Vermont and more family time in Melbourne for recovery.

Happy: that more than half my plants have survived all the neglect they’ve been receiving.

Ignoring: the days/hours/minutes since my floor was last mopped.

Juggling: too many creative ideas, and having to let a few drop off the map for now.

Knitting: and ripping apart, then recasting in a different pattern, a baby blanket for ???

Listening: to Imagine Dragons.

Making: plans for the rest of the year.

Noticing: the perfection that is the evening light through my glass doors.

Obsessing: over budget and money.

Proud: of the new collection of prints I added to my Etsy site: OneThreadThatWinds.

Quitting: the guilt game.

Reading: Under the Dome by Stephen King.

Sitting: a LOT.

Thinking: about God’s grace and trustworthiness.

Using: lots of candles.

Visualizing: walking walking walking.

Watching: Falling Skies, Under the Dome.

X-ing: loads of things off my work to-do list.

Yearning: for that first cool breeze of Fall… should feel it in January sometime.

Zooming: through this year!  HOLY COW IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!!!!

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April: Currently…

April has been a full month and it’s flying by faster than you can say Quidditch.  I can’t believe that my birthday is right around the corner and temperatures are already reading the 90’s.  It seems like it goes faster and faster with every year… all the more reason to keep tabs on what’s going on in my life.



Anticipating: a full weekend of friend time and projects.

Booking: my flight to Vermont in June.

Changing: big chunks of my novel in draft two.

Drinking: decaf blueberry coffee.

Eating: kelp noodles.

Feeling: tired and inspired.

Grateful: for extraordinary provision.

Happy: I finally sprung for Adobe Cloud.

Ignoring: the voice in my head that says it will never happen.

Jumping: into a huge project full of unknowns.

Knitting: another endless blanket.

Listening: to ZZ Ward, Mumford… and Technotronic (don’t judge).

Making: final touches to my bedroom redo.

Noticing: my clothes fitting better after 6 weeks.

Optimizing: every free moment.

Practicing: my French accent.

Quizzing: my brain over at

Ready: to start painting cabinets.

Satisfying: my carb cravings with brown rice pasta.

Thinking: about the next storyline on the horizon.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visiting: old friends and new ones.  

Working: on new products for the Etsy shop.

X-ing: unrealistic expectations off my to do list.

Yielding: to my doodling cravings.

Zooming: through a re-read of all seven Harry Potters.


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March: Currently…

March will be over in a a matter of days and I can’t believe we’ve already got the first quarter of the year under out belts!  It’s really going WAY TOO FAST!





anxious to wrap up a million and one projects

banning sugar and carbs from my life

changing the way I think about food

drinking Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea

eating lots and lots of greens

feeling healthier than I have in years

grateful for an awesome new roomie

happy in my new yellow shoes

immersed in creative brainstorming

jumping at the chance to take part in my first Package Pals exchange

knitting little bunnies and a new baby blanket

loving the cool weather

marveling at how tech savvy little kids are these days

noticing palm trees… lots and lots of palm trees

obsessing over homemade vegan ranch dressing

proud to complete a 7 day cleanse

questioning the necessity of self-imposed complexities

ready to simplify

savoring every single bite

thankful for new found willpower

understanding spiritual disciplines more and more (but never enough)

visualizing long term goals

watching The Good Wife

x-ing “clean up the garage” off the to do list

yielding to pressures of a busy work schedule

zooming through yet another cheesy novel


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February: Currently…

February.  The shortest month but one packed full nonetheless.  From work to crafting to work to holidays (did I mention work?) it’s been busy but so good…




Anticipating: the March Partner Pal exchange!

Baking: Maple Dijon Potatoes and Green Beans… YUM!.

Changing: back to a vegetarian diet.

Drinking: good ole H2O.

Embracing: busy, productive yet fun weekends planned for March.

Finishing: Week 8 of Project Life.

Grateful: for friends that can read my mind.

Happy: to be digging into my second draft of the novel.

Ignoring: the voice of doubt.

Juggling: work, writing, crafting, blogging, sleeping.

Knitting: a striped baby blanket (still!)

Listening: The Lumineers.

Making: the most of the motivation I can muster, even if it’s not much.

Noticing: the overflowing stock of supplies for various incomplete projects.

Obsessing: over clearance fabric on Etsy.

Proud: to be blogging as much as I have.

Quitting: stress… yup, it’s a 12 Step Program.

Ready: to make huge strides on my house project list.

Sacrificing: things that hold me back.

Thinking: about my baby nephew and anticipating his debut in June.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visualizing: my dream studio with my favorite creative partner.

Watching: The Following.

X-ing: something… ANYTHING… off the list before Friday!!!

Yearning: to be closer to everyone I love.

Zooming: through the backstreets on the way to work, trying to avoid tolls.

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January: Currently…

January is positively flying by… I can’t believe we are already into the fourth week.  I still can’t seem to write “2013” and the Christmas lights are still on.  On top of that I’m…



Anticipating: the final round of feedback on my novel’s first draft.

Baking: funfetti cupcakes with cotton candy icing with Sharayah.

Changing: outlets and switches from bisque to white.

Drinking: Robinson’s Orange Barley Water.

Embracing: my morning stretching routine.

Finishing: the third week of Project Life.

Grateful: for cooler weather.

Happy: to spend a weekend surrounded by family.

Ignoring: would be roadblocks.

Juggling: a million-and-one ideas.

Knitting: a striped baby blanket and piles upon piles of washcloths.

Listening: Mumford & Sons and Gungor.

Marveling: at the me that God wants me to be.

Noticing: huge flocks of birds escaping the North for the winter.

Obsessing: over the details of a fun secret project.

Proud: that I’ve kept up with my January habits.

Quitting: the comparison game.

Ready: to add new habits in February.

Sacrificing: nothing.

Thinking: about friends near and far.

Using: mulling spices in my mom’s potpourri burner.

Visualizing: ways to streamline housekeeping.

Watching: Bones, Castle, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, New Girl and Modern Family.

X-ing: “new bedding for the guest room” off the list.

Yearning: to revisit the Thanksgiving feast.

Zooming: through The Me I Want to Be by Jon Ortburg.



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