Hooray for the everyday… especially today!

WARNING: This post may contain an abundance of positivity, over excitement, and an inordinate usage of parentheses (yes, I just googled the plural for “parenthesis”)

The morning was, well, awesome…

  • The popitos (a.k.a. dogs) slept to a semi-decent hour.
  • There was a blueberry explosion in the kitchen care of New England Coffee’s Blueberry Cobbler (Buy one, Get one at Publix over the weekend-super hooray!) and homemade blueberry waffles (though my cooking skills are doubtful I can stir and pour)
  • I remembered to take the trash to the curb before I heard the truck roll by (score!)
  • I found my “In tennis, love means zero” shirt and it was clean 🙂


Work was nice…

  • No huge accomplishments but a nice calm day. Can never complain about that.
  • My girl T from Dasheen Magazine finally reappeared after days of doing her civic duty
  • I finished and posted an article to the blog during lunch (I know, I know… it’s about time)
  • I was reminded that I work with awesome people for a great cause
  • My inbox is almost empty
  • I got the chance to brag on an android app… always cheers me right up!


This evening has been like Christmas…

  • On the ride home, my random playlist slung out song after perfect sing-along-song from the moment I turn the truck on till I killed the stereo in the driveway (more on this in a future post)
  • I check the mail… and squee!

2010-08-05 16.38.09 


  • The trash-take-away-ers (for lack of knowledge of the politically correct term) left my trash cans all nice in a line at the end of the driveway instead of chucking them this way and that… thanks!
  • Then (dramatic pause) I found THESE on my doorstep!
    2010-08-05 16.37.12
    I am one of the super lucky Floridians to live in Orange County where the library system delivers to your door. Yes, I said it, they deliver. The “squee” could no longer be contained and I scared the neighbor’s dog…
  • I made it to and from the dog park with the mongrels [read “dogs”], where the sweet old maintenance guy gave Quinn a baseball, before THIS rain cloud moved in…
    2010-08-05 16.36.56


I’m home now…

  • Typing away at yet another blog post (woo hoo!) and overprocessing my cameraphone pics in Picnik and uploading to Flickr (view my photostream HERE)
  • The Magoriums (also the dogs) are passed out on the couch, snoring away
  • Eating leftovers (a huge score for my money spending abstinence resolution)
  • All my library books and DVDs are set up for a weekend project of trip planning (more on this in a future post)
  • The Ikea catalog sitting at my side, anxiously waiting for me as well as inspiring my title.

Yes Ikea… Hooray for the everyday!

So tell me, dear Reader, what do you have to say “Hooray!” about today?