December Desktop Calendar

Wasn’t January 1st yesterday?  Where did this year go?


I’m always amazed when December rolls around and every year it seems to come faster.  It came so quickly, in fact, that I seem to have skipped November all together!  So, as a little Christmas bonus, you’ll find the November desktop below (sans calendar)… I couldn’t leave it to die in my archives.   Enjoy!

December Desktop_1680x1050


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Trees only_1680x1050

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October Desktop Calendar

October, I can’t believe you are already here, but I’m so glad.


I love the season of pumpkin everything.  I love the (ever so slightly) cooler weather.  I love the colors of Fall.  I love permission to bake bread and cook lots of soup.  Most of all, I love a reason to make you all a new calendar.  Enjoy!

 October 1680x1050


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June Desktop Wallpaper

Yeah, yeah, yeah… June is half way over.  But if I was the betting type I’d wager that you are tired of that June desktop you enthusiastically downloaded on June 1.  I’m just here to provide a mid-month refresh.  That’s it… this is my new strategy, not just that I’m horribly behind schedule.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!


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Project #2: Card Calendar

There are 32 definitions of the word “pin” on  They missed one…

pin [pin] verb pinned, pinning

  • to add an image to a categorized virtual “board” on the site, by either uploading one’s own image, selecting images from a website, or by “repinning” an image from the Pinterest site’s “stream.”

With that said, there has been a lot of pinning going on around here and not enough doing.  My goal to complete 52 projects this year was born to alleviate that very problem.  I saw this idea, originally posted by Design Sponge, and loved it immediately.  The basic idea is to use a card for each day of the year.  Everyday, you write a little something from that day on only one line.  The first year all the cards will be blank but next year and the years after that, you can go back and read what you did on the same day each year.

So I picked up one of these from Anthropologie in “large” for 20 beans along with a huge stack of 3×5 index cards and a date stamp…

Then started stamping away…



I dug out some favorite postcards just waiting to be used for a project like this and, due to my container, gave them a little trim to make sure they fit nicely…


Then assembled…




She’s already in use…


Here’s to documenting the whole crazy adventure!

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