April: Currently…

April has been a full month and it’s flying by faster than you can say Quidditch.  I can’t believe that my birthday is right around the corner and temperatures are already reading the 90’s.  It seems like it goes faster and faster with every year… all the more reason to keep tabs on what’s going on in my life.



Anticipating: a full weekend of friend time and projects.

Booking: my flight to Vermont in June.

Changing: big chunks of my novel in draft two.

Drinking: decaf blueberry coffee.

Eating: kelp noodles.

Feeling: tired and inspired.

Grateful: for extraordinary provision.

Happy: I finally sprung for Adobe Cloud.

Ignoring: the voice in my head that says it will never happen.

Jumping: into a huge project full of unknowns.

Knitting: another endless blanket.

Listening: to ZZ Ward, Mumford… and Technotronic (don’t judge).

Making: final touches to my bedroom redo.

Noticing: my clothes fitting better after 6 weeks.

Optimizing: every free moment.

Practicing: my French accent.

Quizzing: my brain over at lumosity.com.

Ready: to start painting cabinets.

Satisfying: my carb cravings with brown rice pasta.

Thinking: about the next storyline on the horizon.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visiting: old friends and new ones.  

Working: on new products for the Etsy shop.

X-ing: unrealistic expectations off my to do list.

Yielding: to my doodling cravings.

Zooming: through a re-read of all seven Harry Potters.


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April Desktop Wallpaper

The first quarter of the year is over… and I’m totally okay with it!  There have been lots of crossed off items on the epic “to do” list.  March was full to the brim with family and friends. working, playing and praying hard.  Amen and amen.

 Bring on the April showers with this fun desktop wallpaper!  Call it “fun with triangles” or “impression of a rainstorm”… whatever, just download it (and leave a comment – it  makes me smile 🙂 ).


1680×1050 HERE
1600×1200 HERE


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