A Blanket for Dad

A friend of my mom’s crocheted her a blanket and, apparently, there is a nightly tug-of-war between my parents to see who gets it.  When trying to figure out a Father’s Day gift, and also attempting to whittle down my yarn stash, it seemed only appropriate to make my dad a blanket of his very own.

I used the Twisted Cables pattern by Lion Brand and decided to alternate colors instead of going solid.  This was only the third project I’ve ever done with cables and it was FUN!

2012-06-04 20.35.252012-06-07 20.02.03

Each cabled “stripe” is knit separately, then sewn together to make the blanket… sewing knits together is my least favorite thing but this was actually pretty simple.

2012-06-15 23.19.03

  2012-06-16 14.22.242012-06-16 00.09.54

Then of course came the testing phase…  Making sure it attracted cats and was “TV-watching” cozy…

2012-06-16 13.23.012012-06-16 15.10.22

It passed!



Well worth the 30 hours of work!

What have you been working on lately?

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