green eyes

b&w lily

Trim Castle

4_365 first day of work


You can check out more of my photos on Flickr

1. Trim Castle, 2. Dungarvan, 3. Magnolia, 4. my favorite necklace-Day 7, 5. fly1, 6. Robbed at gunpoint-Day 19 of 365, 7. Today will be good…, 8. windmill, 9. tulip, 10. the fly, 11. Maybe you have the answer…Day 43 of 365, 12. Closeup, 13. from Wycliffe’s parking lot, 14. Every wedding should end with a bonfire, 15. , 16. It stopped raining (Day 5), 17. Quite the view…, 18. This little light of mine? Day 59 of 365, 19. The Natester, 20. foot warmer-day 8, 21. the road outside the store, 22. skull on a branch, 23. This one freaks my sister out…, 24. koi, 25. big mouth

2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt or question one of the best parts of experiencing your creativty on “One Thread…” are the photos. You are the most exposed, the most vulnerable… and that’s so alright because it’s also when you are the most GORGEOUS!

    Looking forward to the many faces of M to the Ri 😉

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