Project Life: Week 3

So I’m behind on my posting of Project Life but at least I’m true to my procrastinating nature.  The last few weeks of word have been go-go-go.  So much so that I make it to the weekend realizing that I haven’t taken many, if any, pictures.  At least the weekends make up for it…




1 This particular weekend was full of time spent with my cousin, Sharayah…

2 I couldn’t help but put a flower in her hair, especially since she is notorious for picking flowers and passing them out to anyone who will have them.  We played the mandolin and ukulele, built blanket forts and made cupcakes.  Blue ones, of course!

3 Have I mentioned that I am LOVING the papers and cards from the Seafoam Collection?  The fact that they are double sided seems to make the following week a little easier to put together because there is something already showing through if I want to use it.

4 Rayah was so patient with this one as I played with my new phone’s panorama function.  “Move to the left a little more… hold!  Hold!  Okay, move again…”  You get the picture.

5 While I’m a little behind on posting, I have kept up with the pages so I’m calling this new “memory keeping” habit a winner!  What do you do to with your photos?

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A Trip to the Science Center

Several months ago, when my brother first moved down from Pensacola, we borrowed our cousin, Sharayah, for the weekend and used her as an excuse to go play at the Orlando Science Center.   As a kid, this was the coolest place on Earth, and it didn’t disappoint now that I’m, well, not exactly a kid anymore.


I think Jacob and I were a little more excited about some of the exhibits… But then we found this room …  and I started having visions of what Sharayah would grow up to be… a pilot?  an astronaut?

a hipster snake charmer? Microbiologist? But then there was the BEST room… the dinosaur room!  The room that reminded me that I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was growing up (due in part to Indiana Jones, I’m sure.)

And she loved it!  We spend an hour dusting away rubber “sand” to reveal bones of all sorts…


but I won’t put “weather girl” out of the picture… she did a great job with the green screen!

Eventually I stopped projecting into the future and got back into kid mode while checking out all the animals…

She was a little excited about these guys (biologist?)…what else would you do with antlers you are allowed to touch? but at the end of the day, playing in water won out and we spent a crazy amount of time sending these little boats over waterfalls and getting out shirts all wet.

I’m still not sure who had more fun… but I certainly know who was more tired… ME.  I tricked the little one into a nap by turning out all the lights to enjoy the static orb thingamajiggy that came home with us.


Have you been back to a childhood “playground” lately?  Better than you remember?


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Habits: February

January was a good month for habits… I managed to be consistent with my stretching routine and quiet times.  Water, not so much, but it’s a work in progress, right?

February has been a little up in the air but I’m determined to get it back on track and add some new habits.  What is that saying?  “Motivation gets you started; habits keep you going.”  I’m hard up on the motivation for the moment, if I’m honest, but I’m UNSTOPPABLE so not to worry!

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Most of those are pretty self-explanatory but the “get my derriere in the chair” is all about sitting down to work at home.  I have a million and one projects just waiting to be done, posts ready to be written and a final draft of the novel to bang out.  The hardest part has always been sitting down to start… so here’s to getting my derriere in the chair!

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Project Life: Week 2

I’ve got to say, I’m loving Project Life… I know this is only the second week I’ve posted but I’m having so much fun collecting little “memory bits” to add each week.  This week I received my Project Life Sea Foam Core Kit and it is more awesome than I expected.  Also, I couldn’t resist the Sea Foam Paper Pack and finally committed to this binder.


So, here’s week 2…

I did a 360 degree panorama of my cube because, let’s face it, I spend the majority of my time here.  I used chip letters to write out “my work life” across the spread of 3×4 pics and stamped on a “you are here” on the first photo.


I used a card from the Sea Foam Core Kit as my title card, included the text from this post about my annual goals/habits, used another sea foam card for a little explanation of my cubicle panorama and embellished with cut outs of the stamped “this” arrow.  The bottom right is a card from Katie Bower from Bower Power which I was beyond stoked to receive!


Did I mention I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these cards?  Cause i do!  I just added a star embellishment, free-handed the “week 2” and used my date stamp to mark out the start and end dates for the week.

pg3 The second page hold the continuation of the panorama and a diagonal kit card that I used for journaling on the top right.   4 This week my battery died and my tire went flat so I ended up eating dinner at Sam’s Club while waiting for the work to be done. I snapped a pic of my Icee and hot dog then used a clean Nathan’s wrapper as the background, folded over the edge and secured the photo and the edge with washi tape. the hexagon pattern backing was a great place for a little writing. 5   I think this was my favorite addition… I received this Pantone mug from my friend Lynn (from CaraBella Creative) for Christmas and she wrapped it in brown paper, secured with washi and baker’s twine… LOVE!  I used the wrapping as the background, attached the pic with some mounting squared and wrapped the twine around it several times, securing with tape on the back.  A little hand lettering and ta-da!.


You’ll have to excuse the terrible photos… I’m still trying to work out the best light set up but I’ll get there!  I can’t wait to have a huge binder FULL of these pages!!!!

The stuff: “This” and “You are here” stamps are by Elise Blaha Cripe, “Oh My” stamp was from Michaels, label by Martha Stewart, and again, the Sea Foam Core Kit, Paper and Project Life Binder can all be found on Amazon.

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January: Currently…

January is positively flying by… I can’t believe we are already into the fourth week.  I still can’t seem to write “2013” and the Christmas lights are still on.  On top of that I’m…



Anticipating: the final round of feedback on my novel’s first draft.

Baking: funfetti cupcakes with cotton candy icing with Sharayah.

Changing: outlets and switches from bisque to white.

Drinking: Robinson’s Orange Barley Water.

Embracing: my morning stretching routine.

Finishing: the third week of Project Life.

Grateful: for cooler weather.

Happy: to spend a weekend surrounded by family.

Ignoring: would be roadblocks.

Juggling: a million-and-one ideas.

Knitting: a striped baby blanket and piles upon piles of washcloths.

Listening: Mumford & Sons and Gungor.

Marveling: at the me that God wants me to be.

Noticing: huge flocks of birds escaping the North for the winter.

Obsessing: over the details of a fun secret project.

Proud: that I’ve kept up with my January habits.

Quitting: the comparison game.

Ready: to add new habits in February.

Sacrificing: nothing.

Thinking: about friends near and far.

Using: mulling spices in my mom’s potpourri burner.

Visualizing: ways to streamline housekeeping.

Watching: Bones, Castle, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, New Girl and Modern Family.

X-ing: “new bedding for the guest room” off the list.

Yearning: to revisit the Thanksgiving feast.

Zooming: through The Me I Want to Be by Jon Ortburg.



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Foto Friday: Sebastian Inlet

Back in July my family threw a surprise 75th birthday party for my grandmother that turned into a bit of a family reunion.  My sister and niece flew down to unbeknownst to the rest of the family and my brother drove down with my mom.  After a weekend of party stuff, it was nice to get away for the day and head to the beach.



Growing up we’d trek down to Sebastian Inlet a few times each summer, carting along a days worth of grub and a gallon of sunscreen (pretty much just for me… I’m practically albino). It was fun to introduce my niece, Amelia, to the beach for the first time… she yelled, “POOL!”


It was a crazy beautiful day…

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            Funny to be sharing beach pics on the first “cold” day in Florida this season…


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