Make your own stamp

Stamp making has been on my perpetual “To Do” list for far too long.  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had THIS kit sitting on a shelf in my office.  When I saw my Package Pal’s fun logo, though, I new just what my first stamp should be.



Equipped with a print out of the image, a sheet of stamp rubber, a speedball cutting tool, an exacto knife and a pencil I got to work.

step 1

I used the tried-and-true-rub-a-pencil-on-the back-side-of-the-paper transfer method to get the glasses on the stamp.


Ta da!  Next up, cutting off the portion of stamp I needed with the exacto.


Then brought out the big guns…


At this point, I just went to town, not really knowing what I was doing.  The trick seemed to be going slowly and taking small chunks at a time…


I’ve got to be honest though, I took away too much from one side, so I started over… in the end I took the left lens from the first stamp and the right lens from the second stamp and glued them together.


I think a design with less need for symmetry would have been a better option but it still turned out cute.

step 5

I chose to glue the stamp to a piece of wood (photo evidence fail) before I wrapped it up and sent its way… not before some practice stamps though!!


Now I want to make a stamp of EVERYTHING!   Stay tuned!  I’m sure some fun DIY stamps are in my future.

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Project Life: Week 13

I keep waiting for this project to get old, and by “old” I mean that I get too lazy to keep up with it.  I’ve fallen a bit behind here and there but here’s my Week 13 update, right on schedule!




The highlights this week were tackling a reupholstering project and sewing up some new throw pillows for my bedroom.  I received my Package Pals box this week (the note in the top right is from my Pal, Kelly) but since we both wrote blog posts about it, I just printed them out and inserted them in 8 1/2 x 11 sleeves after I finished (posts HERE and HERE).


The week card is same as usual with this cute little flag from a set I picked up at Michaels on clearance…


and I added a new technique I’ve seen other Project Lifers use and sewed a couple photos to the background card.


The second page was devoted to Easter…


and I couldn’t help but include the cute shots of my niece in the bottom left.  It kills me that she’s all the way up in Vermont.


All in all, a great week and another favorite spread in Project Life!


logo copy

Project Life: Week 12

I think this may have been one of my craftiest weeks in a loooong time and I was so stoked to get all my pictures in Project Life.  Thanks to participating in Package Pals, I was inspired to whip up lots of fun goodies for my “Pal”, Kelly over at  You can read all about  Interested in Package Pals?  See what it’s all about HERE and check out what we sent each other HERE and HERE.


My date card remains similar to previous weeks but thing time I used a wooden “tag” with silver number stickers for the week number.


The cats actually let me take their pictures so this is a pretty big deal…


Then comes the fun!  Food pics, of course, because I’m obsessed, and a few shots of Package Pal projects in process and an “inventory” shot in the bottom left corner of the package contents.  As always, I like to end with a sky picture…


Close up of some knitting work…


I can’t wait to Project Life the goodie box I received!!! Better than I ever expected!

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Package Pals: Sent & Received

Last month I stumbled upon the awesome opportunity to participate in Package Pals, hosted by Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. and Julia over at Stars and Sunshine.

Let me tell you, it led to the craftiest month of the year!  You can find out more about Package Pals HERE but  the gist is, after signing up, you are paired up with a Pal.  You exchange a few “getting to know you” emails then get to work on a fun goodie box.

This is my Pal, Kelly, the No Drama Mama,


and I couldn’t have been matched with a better lady!  After our fun Q&As and scouring her Pinterest boards, this is what I came up with. (She made my package look so much more awesome on her post HERE)

what i sent copy

I got the needles out and whipped up a bunny for her Little Man and a mint coffee cozy.


I finally broke into my stamp making kit in an attempt to make a stamp of her logo and whipped up a magazine clutch based on this tutorial.

made2 made3

Now for the fun part… what I got!!!


Is the anticipation killing you yet?


Well, it nearly killed me!



whatigot copy

First of all, I love a box within a box so when I opened the box full of popcorn only to dig around for a second box, I already had a huge smile on my face.  The first thing I noticed when I got the second box open was the hand lettering on the envelope… I think this needs a frame.  Then the goodies just kept coming!  A huge stack of letter stickers and chipboard that I can’t wait to get in to, a sweet polka dot notebook, a super cute coffee mug stuffed full of goodies I’m already planning on using in Project Life, two skeins of my favorite washcloth yarn (!!!!), magnets that have already brightened up my fridge, a scarf for my first attempt at fabric stamping and TWO M&M punches… these cover both my initials!  M and W!  [insert happy dance!]

whatigot1.psd 2x 3x

Thank you Kelly for absolutely MAKING MY MARCH!

Check out what other Pals sent and received at the link up HERE.

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Project Life: Week 11

 I feel like a broken record but seriously… I LOVE THIS PROJECT!  This weeks spread was pretty simple with an 8 1/2 x 11 inch page protector inserted with the print out from my 40 Random Things post.






1 2

I kept things simple… photos, washi and journaling… I included my measurements after the first full week eating real food again after my fast.  LOTS OF INCHES GONE!!!


Too many sky pics as per usual…



The weekend always does wonders for my spreads.  Sharayah spent the weekend and we got crafty for Easter.


And of course I had to include my new “reward” shoes.


Oh, yeah!  I finally got a decent corner rounder (HERE) so I’ve gotta go back 10 weeks an make all my pics perfectly rounded.  Crazy, sure, but it makes me happy.


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April Desktop Wallpaper

The first quarter of the year is over… and I’m totally okay with it!  There have been lots of crossed off items on the epic “to do” list.  March was full to the brim with family and friends. working, playing and praying hard.  Amen and amen.

 Bring on the April showers with this fun desktop wallpaper!  Call it “fun with triangles” or “impression of a rainstorm”… whatever, just download it (and leave a comment – it  makes me smile 🙂 ).


1680×1050 HERE
1600×1200 HERE


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Project Life: Week 10

Week 10 and I’m all up-to-date!  This week was jam packed with more projects than I ever though could be accomplished.  Most were done in the span of 6 hours on a Sunday thanks to my awesome friends… Keep your eyes out for some sneak peaks of what’s to come on the blog!




1xHere we go with my typical date card.  the “This is what life looks like” card is actually a 4×6 journaling card folded in half and tucked in… I had so many pictures this week I really needed the extra space to write out all the goings on of the week.


My love affair with 2.5” square photos and washi tape is going strong.  I also like the look of angling the photos so as not to cut off the graphics on the 3×4 cards.   3xAnd I continue to “hide” little notes behind photos… I love using this as my main journal as well as photo album so these hidden away cards are an easy way to keep more private things private.



Are you a Project Lifer?  Let me know!  I’d love to see what you’re working on!

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