April: Currently…

April has been a full month and it’s flying by faster than you can say Quidditch.  I can’t believe that my birthday is right around the corner and temperatures are already reading the 90’s.  It seems like it goes faster and faster with every year… all the more reason to keep tabs on what’s going on in my life.



Anticipating: a full weekend of friend time and projects.

Booking: my flight to Vermont in June.

Changing: big chunks of my novel in draft two.

Drinking: decaf blueberry coffee.

Eating: kelp noodles.

Feeling: tired and inspired.

Grateful: for extraordinary provision.

Happy: I finally sprung for Adobe Cloud.

Ignoring: the voice in my head that says it will never happen.

Jumping: into a huge project full of unknowns.

Knitting: another endless blanket.

Listening: to ZZ Ward, Mumford… and Technotronic (don’t judge).

Making: final touches to my bedroom redo.

Noticing: my clothes fitting better after 6 weeks.

Optimizing: every free moment.

Practicing: my French accent.

Quizzing: my brain over at lumosity.com.

Ready: to start painting cabinets.

Satisfying: my carb cravings with brown rice pasta.

Thinking: about the next storyline on the horizon.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visiting: old friends and new ones.  

Working: on new products for the Etsy shop.

X-ing: unrealistic expectations off my to do list.

Yielding: to my doodling cravings.

Zooming: through a re-read of all seven Harry Potters.


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A Case for New Pillows

When I moved into my new-to-me house, I inherited a bisque-y beige-y palace.  At first, it was refreshing because the last few places I lived had brightly colored walls in colors that weren’t exactly my style.    So the neutral monochromatic thing worked for a while… until I began to crave some color.  That’s when the master bedroom redo project began!


Here’s the before:

Now, you got to see a preview of the wall color and one DIY art project HERE.  Next up has everything to do with this fun fabric that I snatched up on clearance ages ago, with no project in mind.  I love the colors… and even more, I love coffee!


After the bedroom began to take shape, it became pretty obvious that the bed needed some more color.  The brown leather throw pillows were too close in color to the head board so I decided to give them a new look.  I started by taking the cases off the existing pillows to get the measurements I needed for the new cases.


Width-wise, the fabric was the perfect dimension to leave on the selvage and just fold in half so I only needed to sew up the long sides and hem the opening.


I went back and forth between zippers and buttons for closures, but in the end, I opted for simple ribbon ties.


I just pinned them were I wanted them then sewed away, going back and forth a couple times to make sure they’re good and secure.   Singe the ends of the ribbons a bit if you want to make sure you don’t end up with fringe.


And there you have it!   Voila!  Literally a 10 minute project.


And here they are in the natural surroundings… that middle pillow is now screaming out for a new outfit.


What’s your vote?  Color? Solid? Pattern?  Fur of some kind?  Help!

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Project Life: Week 14

I’m a little in love with the project… I know, I know.  I say this every week but it’s true.  It’s the perfect mix of scrapbooking, journaling and using up my hoarded stash of papery bits.


This week was low on photos.  Really low.  So, I seized it as an opportunity to include more journaling and fun cards.


This week we feasted on veggie burgers and flax crackers made in the dehydrator.  Yay for something cruchy-carby!  Also, I big part of my Saturday was spent working through notes from my editors on my first novel draft.  The “Hello Everyday LIfe” card was a freebie from Becky Higgin’s site (click HERE and scroll down to the Project Life section.


The metal rim tag is Martha Stewart and the fun number stickers are from my Package Pal!


This might be my favorite addition so far.  I collected some of my favorite comments from my editors… I don’t ever want to forget this process!


On Saturday morning, I met up with a friend and checked out the Winter Park Farmer’s Market.  It was perfect weather and Spring was obvious with the abundance of blooms in the plant area.


I love the honey comb look of this paper and I’m so glad I picked up these paper pennant banners from the clearance bin at Michaels!


I almost forgot about this little heart stamp I carved months ago… gotta keep this in eye view for sure.


And a little preview of my May desktop design… I love love love this quote.


How is your year going?  I love your comments!

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An Ottoman Tale

This is the story about an old, worn out ottoman.  It’s also the story about bad project process shots that leave me looking like I’m being eaten by said ottoman Little Shop of Horror style.


This isn’t a very detailed tutorial, mostly because most of my process was “wing it.”  It all started with removing the old fabric with a screw driver to pry up the original staples and a box cutter to cut out the stuck areas.


Then there was a lot of measuring… (that’s my friend Christine from Recipes by Christine)


and cutting…


and more cutting…


then there was the sewing. 

For the bottom side piece, we cut one long strip to wrap around the whole base then sewed it together in a loop.  The top side piece was done in the same way but I sewed the side to the top piece before sewing down the side.  It took a little tweaking here and there but it worked.


You can see that the base is already done.  We just slid the loop of fabric on then stapled the top then the bottom, pulling things snug and smooth along the way. 

The top was sew as a bottomless “box” so when I slipped it over the cushion, all I had to do was staple it to the underside.  

(This story was very nearly about how I appear to be in miserable pain whilst concentrating but I decided not to make it about me.")


Doesn’t this ottoman practically scream, “Feed me, Seymour!”


A few fun parts you missed because of my serious lack of forethought in the documenting process were having to rip the seams out of the top piece after I miscalculated the first time and the cover was way too loose.  Also, I was half way through attaching the top cover when I couldn’t get the staple gun in the right position because of the opening mechanism… enter the drill and my frustration.  We took off the whole top, finished it in no time, and I wished I’d taken it off in the first place.


So here she is, poor lighting and puppy photobomb and all.  I LOVE IT.  I love it so much I’m ready to recover my entire couch! 


Quinn loves it too, just not as much as he likes his picture taken.


Anybody want to take a turn at staple gun duty when I start the 6 piece sectional?  No?

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I’ve got recycling in the bag

Welcome to the last installment of “stuff I made for my Package Pal.”  I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to participate in something like this EVERY month because it sends my productivity into the stratosphere.  My Pal and I exchanged several emails asking questions and getting to know each other a bit. 


I discovered that her favorite blog is A Beautiful Mess and her favorite store is Anthropologie.


The stars collided and I ran to my recycling bin to snatch out the Anthro catalog I’d just deposited and saved it from it’s pulpy reformation to live on in a more glorious form… the magazine clutch as tutorialized by A Beautiful Mess HERE

Step 1:

Collect all your favorite images

Step 2:

Arrange into a square


Step 3:

Stick all the pages together with a layer of laminating sheets

Step 4:

Use your mad envelope making skills to assemble that bad boy, using more laminating sheets to seal the seams.

Step 5:

Sew on a button and a closure loop with embroidery thread. 


This project was so much more fun than I thought it would be!  I am SO glad I sprung for the 50 pack of laminating sheets because I see many more of these in my future!



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And don’t forget to check out

my prints for sale at:


Knitting it up…

I’m a compulsive knitter.  All you need to mention that your uterus might be occupied and I will start a blanket.  I can’t help it.  I’m going to be “That” aunt.  You know the one… she knits you sweaters for every Christmas and you live in Florida.  Yup.  That’s me.  So my Package Pal was not going to get off the hook that easily… knitted gifts were on the agenda.


First up, the coffee cozy.

My favorite part of knitting is when a project goes from this


to this!  When the pattern emerges… well, giddy doesn’t cover it.  Cables are extra satisfying too because they look complicated but are actually pretty simple.


The hardest part of this project?  Button selection.


Not only which buttons but then whether to sew them on “face up” or “face down” (that is, if buttons have faces).


and viola!  I whipped up this bad boy in a couple hours.  Talk about instant gratification.

cozy_5 cozy_6

I particularly love this pattern because it’s adjustable to fit various mug sizes.  Bonus!

Get the Paper Sensei Coffee cozy pattern HERE

Next up, the cutest little bunny that I ever did see.

This whole pattern was knit in the round with double pointed needles.  Sorta makes you feel like you’re knitting with a sea urchin.


Maybe I should have been a drummer… I think I could so some serious damage with drum sticks after the choreography with 4 needles that is small knits on DPNs.


The icing on this little bunny cake has got to be his pom pom tail.  I’m a fan, fo sho.


Stitch on a little innocent rabbit face and you’re dunzo.


Perfect for all the little cuties in your life (including yourself!)

Get the Spud & Chloe Rabbit pattern HERE.

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