Holy Savings, Batman!!!

Some of you may know that I’ve been playing around with creating digital art (read “Mariah plays with fonts”) for a while now.  With the upcoming craft fair season, I thought I would venture into selling some of the prints I’ve created.  After much research of printing companies, I was left super discouraged.  Nothing was cost friendly enough to convince this non-committal artsy-fart. 

Then, I had a thought (I do that occasionally).   What if I just buy a good quality printer and do the printing myself.  Enter the HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer!  It’s a printer, scanner, copier combo that does professional quality color and photo printer… 


… and THEN I noticed the price!

Regularly $249.99 (plus tax and shipping), this model is eligible for an instant rebate of $100.  Score!  Add. To. Cart.

… and THEN I find it qualified for free shipping.  Nice!

… and THEN my eye is drawn a box in the bottom right corner that tells this model is ALSO eligible for a free $30 gift card.  Yes please!

Why stop there?  I Googled around for all of 2 minutes and found a coupon code [SAVE15HP] for $15 off a $75 purchase!  Shut the front door!

Check out!  Check out NOW before they realize I’m skating away with a sweet deal!  Here’s the details:


SO, that’s a $249 printer delivered to my door for $143.77 PLUS a hot $30 gift card in my pocket that will be perfect for buying replacement cartridges down the line.  (Although, I won’t need replacements for a while since the printer comes with a black cartridge good for up to 900 pages and color cartridges for up to 300 pages!)

Okay… phew.  I’m calming down a little.  I apologize for all those exclamation points but seriously, who doesn’t get bat crazy over a good deal? 


logo copy

WANTED: Indestructible Headphones

I am tough on headphones.  No, I’m not some extreme sports fanatic and I don’t work in hazardous environments.  The usual means for destruction is the impromptu dunk of an ear bud or two in my coffee mug.  Funny, yes, but not very exciting and having ruined at least a dozen sets over the last year or so, it’s getting a little too expensive for a full-out chuckle anymore. 

I’ve gone through various styles and price ranges.  The dollar store ear buds don’t fare any better than the $20 ones.  I’ve even dug out my JetBlue in-flight entertainment headset from my travel gear and, although they did the job for a while, they messed up my hair and I ended up snapping them in half. 


And then, out of nowhere, I saw THIS! Continue reading “WANTED: Indestructible Headphones”

Wanted: A Flight to Vermont

It’s official… 

I am the aunt to the sweetest baby girl, little Amelia Rose, born yesterday at 1:57pm.  I love all 20.5 inches and 8 pounds of her.  The only bittersweet moment of the whole picture is that I am 1,414 miles away from my only sister, my brother-in-law, and my new favorite person, Amelia.  According to Google, if I start driving at this exact moment, I would arrive in their driveway in 25 hours… of course, I’d prefer to fly.

Needless to say, all I want today is a flight to Vermont… STAT.  Until I see this child, I’ll be stuck in a virtual airport waiting area.


Alas, with a lack of vacation time and a couple hundred spare dollars laying around, I’ll just have to work on my patience.  The amazing thing is that Amelia, at barely a day old, is already a Skype pro so I’ve seen little wiggles and heard the spectacular little coos only such a cute baby can make.  I’ve already assessed that she has my sister’s perfect nose and her daddy’s disposition.  I am in LOVE and she is worth the wait 🙂

Welcome to the world baby girl, Auntie Riah loves you!




Wanted Wednesday: A Voice Like Mahalia

I haven’t posted in a while, so, to ring in the return to ye ole blog, I’ve combined a long promised music post with a Wanted Wednesday.

This week, need I say more than the following two words?

Mahalia Jackson

You can not say the name without instantly developing a Southern accent… and for Mahalia, I bear my suppressed drawl proudly. Continue reading “Wanted Wednesday: A Voice Like Mahalia”


It’s WANTED Wednesday and this week the thing at the top of my “Wanted” list, of course below world peace and the end to poverty, is this specimen above.  No it isn’t the bearded lad gazing off into the wild blue yonder.  The object of my affection is this most awesome Threadless Tee by Loy Valera entitled “Friday, I’m in Love.” Never before have I seen the lyrics to the same titled Cure song illustrated so effectively… come to thing of it, I’m not so sure I’ve ever seen the lyrics to “Friday, I’m in Love” illustrated.  Nonetheless, this shirt is WANTED.

See if you can figure out all the lyrics… if you need a cheat head over to LyricsFreak.com

So, I leave you with a little Cure for the road…

And don’t forget to head over to GlassGiant.com to create your own WANTED posters!