Project Life: Week 9

I’m playing a bit of catch up with Project Life, but I’m finding that that is the true beauty of this process.  It is forgiving, low pressure and so easy and fun to get back on track!.




Nothing out of the ordinary in technique… 1

I’m still a fan of being consistent with my date card… just the dates stamped with a little embellishment.  This time I used some sticky tabs that I bought a million years ago and never broke open.


Square pics with white trim continue to be a favorite for sure…and the “currenlty” card from the seamfoam collection was a perfect addition to the text from THIS post.

3 March started with a birthday celebration for one of my favorite people on Earth.  I like using the same background across pockets to unite one event…4and that’s pretty much it.  Keeping it simple and LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

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March Habits

February went all too quickly and in the rush, pretty much all my habits went by the wayside.  I’m still resolved to be UNSTOPPABLE though so I’m trying a different tactic this month.





2013-02-27 05.36

“Regaining my momentum” might seem pretty nondescript.  It’s about not beating myself for not doing X, Y or Z and just focusing on moving the ball down the field a yard… NO MATTER WHAT.

I’m identifying time suckers and doing my best to limit, if not eliminate, them.  I want to keep up with all the chore type things during the week so my weekends are free to be awesome.

I’m getting my hustle back.  No. Matter. What!


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Project Life: Week 8

It’s Week 8 of 2013 and Project Life!  There is something priceless about capturing everyday moments.  I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I love this project… that and all the washi I get to use…


project life cover copy

1Nothing out of the ordinary for the overall layout…2 Keeping things consistent with “dates” card and loving the bold “You are here” card from the Seafoam Collection3 Easily my favorite palm tree picture of late…4 and commemorating a milestone with my truck…5 I love using the same paper across multiple pockets like with my sushi pics.  It’s fun for a series of photos.6 The twine chain is connected to a note tucked behind the “This is Life” card…7 and it started unintentionally, but I’m making a habit of including a sunrise/sunset pick as the last image of the week.  I like that my book started with a sunrise and I intend for the last page to be the December 31st, 2013 sunset.


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March Desktop Wallpaper

GOOD NESS!  It’s March… and yes, that statement required a perfectly good single word to be split into two.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN!!!!!!!!

Second of all, Happy March to all of you (Hi, Mom)! Here’s a little something for you to stare at for the next 31 days.



1680×1050 HERE

1600×1200 HERE

Get your hands on these other great freebies!

Digital Washi from Creature Comforts HERE

Polaroid frames from irocksowhat HERE

Textures from Cara Bella Creative HERE

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It’s Pinterest Challenge Time!

It’s that time again!  It’s Pinterest Challenge time!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get the full run down over at Bower Power or Young House Love, but basically it’s about taking something you’ve pinned and making in a reality…

I’ve pinned the same thing repeatedly.  I actually feel lame for using it for the Pinterest Challenge because it’s starting to feel overdone, but alas…


(sources HERE and HERE)

I still  love this idea of taking a Staples engineering print and modge podging that sucker to a giant canvas.  So, I ordered the 36 x 48 print and grabbed one of my BOGO + coupon scored canvases from Michaels.

I started with my original photograph (shamelessly available at my Etsy Shop HERE) and sent the original size to Staples…


then gathered the necessary supplies and headed to the living room of my friend, Lynn of CaraBella Creative, so she could help me suss out the best way to tackle the project …

because, you know, reading the ACTUAL TUTORIALS would be lame or something.  Are you picking up the foreshadowing yet?

We decided to paint the whole canvas with modge podge, keep the print rolled, align it proper then roll it out, smoothing along the way.  Yeah… not so great.  The paper began to crinkle and stretch the second it touched the glue… so just like ripping off a bandaid, we ditched the slow and steady method for the “just get stuck on” method.  Because… yeah… tutorials…

At that point, it pretty much looked like a failure and a top coat didn’t help either… but LO AND BEHOLD!!!  As it dried, all the crazy ridges went way down… so much so that I sorta thought I should have just told you I added texture on purpose, but, you know, honesty in blogging and all.

6 Here she hangs in my bedroom and I’ve got to say, I love it!


Note to those that may want to tackle the project, follow Katie’s tutorial on Bower Power HERE… insulation board + glue stick = successful project.  ,

Don’t forget to check out what all the hosts did!

(Not to mention all the linky love and inspiration!)

Katie from Bower Power

Megan from The Remodeled Life

Sherry from Young House Love

Michelle from Decor & The Dog

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Project Life: Week 7

Welcome to the bad photography club seventh week of Project Life!  The “big deal” of this week was Valentine’s Day and while I usually shun VD there ended up to be a lot to write home about…




1 The left side was about everyday moments…2 and the right was “Valentine’s” focused with a big envelope insert to hold the homemade card from my favorite little cousin, Sharayah.

3 Nothing exciting technique-wise, but I like the uniform size and paper on the four 3×4 slots and the silver letters spelling out “everyday moments.”

4 My poor truck “Red” was hit the hardest this V Day, literally, then my aunt duct taped the bumper back on (with Rayah’s help of course).  I finally found a use for the mini cards and envelopes (see bottom left) for more private notes…

5 and I love the look of the paper heart doily split between the two 4×6 pockets.

6 Have I mentioned lately that I love this project??? Cause I DO!!!

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Project Life: Week 6

Week 6 and I’m pretty impressed with myself having stuck with ANYTHING this long!  I didn’t do a very good job remembering to take photos throughout the week but the weekend, as usual, provides good material.  If there weren’t weekends, this project would just be about displaying pretty paper… which, I’d actually like in a strange way.


I digress…

1 I stuck with my usual date card added a journal-rundown of the events of the week and took advantage of my lack of photos to include two uninterrupted 3×4 cards from the Seafoam Collection.


I took advantage of a wide shot of Sharayah’s encounter with two sandhill cranes in Grandma’s front yard to stretch across the four 3×4 slots and I embellished some Seafoam paper with black chevron washi and added a label for a little text. 3

and that’s pretty much it…. 4 Not a whole like to write home about but that’s okay… some weeks are like that!

5 Overall, this has been about giving myself permission to keep things simple and reminding myself to just ENJOY the process…

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