June Desktop Wallpaper

Yeah, yeah, yeah… June is half way over.  But if I was the betting type I’d wager that you are tired of that June desktop you enthusiastically downloaded on June 1.  I’m just here to provide a mid-month refresh.  That’s it… this is my new strategy, not just that I’m horribly behind schedule.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!


1680×1050 HERE
1600×1200 HERE

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Warrior Weekend #1

Let me just start by

saying I have freaking

awesome friends.


Back in March, my friends Lynn and James, along with my then roomie, Christine, tackled an unimaginable amount of “to do” from my run on project list in what I like to refer to as a “Warrior Weekend”.  I never cease to be amazed with the amount of progress that can be made with the right people!

Within five hours on a Sunday, we (with 99.5% of the credit going to James) accomplished the following:


Swapped out all the outlets and switches in the master bedroom from bisque (die bisque die!) to white.

2013-03-09 14.53.06

Patched holes left over from a long-gone towel rack.

2013-03-09 17.58.09

Whipped out a raised bed garden frame.

2013-03-10 16.15.04

Frames out the master bathroom mirror.

2013-03-10 19.28.01

Oh yeah…

and we built a dinning room table from scratch…

no biggie.

2013-03-10 19.19.44

Now, it all still needs a bit of work, caulk here, paint there, but I’m stoked!

I can’t wait for the next


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May Habits

My “habit” resolution has gone about as well as all resolutions go… but I’m holding out the hope that some will stick.  After not even thinking about habits in April, I’m brushing the dust off and starting new in my favorite month.



may habits

1. TV free “T” days – that’s Tuesday and Thursday just in case you needed clarification.  I’m a TV addict.  I’ll admit it.  I justify the time waste by knitting or processing photos so TV time isn’t exactly unproductive but I get so much more done when it’s completely off… and usually, I have more fun!

2. Give myself a break – we are our own worst critics.  I set unrealistic expectations for myself as a norm.  I plan to work on gaining some perspective, with a little help from my friends, and be a little more gracious with myself.

3. Do something creative every single day – anything.  This includes 5-minute “make something out of office supplies” creative challenges amongst Skype buddies in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday.


What are some habits you are trying to develop?  Any projects on your radar?



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Project Life: Week 15

This project continues to be the highlight of my week.  The taking of the pictures, the creation of the pages… and well, actually living the life that I’m working to document.




Nothing outside the box technique-wise this week.  1

Although I do have a nice stash of cards from the Cherry Edition of the Project Life Kit thanks to my awesome friend Lynn.  That’s her in the bottom corner… she’ll probably kill me for this screen shot but this is how we work for now, conquering the world one brainstorm at a time, via Skype.


I finally sprung for the  Poulain Camera Rubber Stamp from Plaid Barn.  I’m a nerd for packaging and this camera tag that came with the stamp HAD to be included!3

I love the little moments that end up in here like working from my front porch in a perfect breeze and the shopping scores for my new little nephew.  Those are Cherry cards in the middle… yummy sherbet colors for summer days!


The highlight of the week was celebrating Dustin’s birthday.  We started with a ridiculous meal at Prato then capped the night off at the Wine Room.  I loved the menu, printed daily, so much that I let it take up 4 pockets.  I am terrible at getting people pictures… I totally neglected my super fun friends, Kathy and Z, from My Urban Pantry.  They blogged about the grub HERE.



I stinking love this project!  I know, I’m a broken record but it makes me SO happy!


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