It’s Friday, I’m in LOVE…

I hopped in my car, late as usual this morning, and what was the first song on the radio?  None other than my favorite song, Friday I’m in Love by The Cure.  I’ve alluded to this song love HERE but in case I wasn’t clear the first time, this song is the stuff that singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-whilst-driving is made of so I’m sharing 🙂


But seriously, it’s Friday and I’m in LOVE with:

  • Cooler weather
  • Fridays in general
  • New jeans
  • My "Chicago" scarf
  • Friends and family that continue to surprise me
  • My squidgy dogs
  • The fact that I can vaguely hear the high school’s marching band from my back yard on game nights
  • My so-cute-it-hurts godchildren
  • Orlando radio stations for getting it right this morning
  • Pinterest… ’nuff said

But that’s enough of all this over-cheerful blah-di-blah.  I’ll leave you with one more ditty that made the commute so much better….


Happy Friday!

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