Package Pals: Sent & Received

Last month I stumbled upon the awesome opportunity to participate in Package Pals, hosted by Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. and Julia over at Stars and Sunshine.

Let me tell you, it led to the craftiest month of the year!  You can find out more about Package Pals HERE but  the gist is, after signing up, you are paired up with a Pal.  You exchange a few “getting to know you” emails then get to work on a fun goodie box.

This is my Pal, Kelly, the No Drama Mama,


and I couldn’t have been matched with a better lady!  After our fun Q&As and scouring her Pinterest boards, this is what I came up with. (She made my package look so much more awesome on her post HERE)

what i sent copy

I got the needles out and whipped up a bunny for her Little Man and a mint coffee cozy.


I finally broke into my stamp making kit in an attempt to make a stamp of her logo and whipped up a magazine clutch based on this tutorial.

made2 made3

Now for the fun part… what I got!!!


Is the anticipation killing you yet?


Well, it nearly killed me!



whatigot copy

First of all, I love a box within a box so when I opened the box full of popcorn only to dig around for a second box, I already had a huge smile on my face.  The first thing I noticed when I got the second box open was the hand lettering on the envelope… I think this needs a frame.  Then the goodies just kept coming!  A huge stack of letter stickers and chipboard that I can’t wait to get in to, a sweet polka dot notebook, a super cute coffee mug stuffed full of goodies I’m already planning on using in Project Life, two skeins of my favorite washcloth yarn (!!!!), magnets that have already brightened up my fridge, a scarf for my first attempt at fabric stamping and TWO M&M punches… these cover both my initials!  M and W!  [insert happy dance!]

whatigot1.psd 2x 3x

Thank you Kelly for absolutely MAKING MY MARCH!

Check out what other Pals sent and received at the link up HERE.

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Easiest Compost Bins Ever

I”ve been excited to start a vegetable garden since I bought my house back in 2011.  Naturally, I’m just now getting around to it.  Based on all the research Pinterest searching, composting is going to be a vital part of the process.  Pricing out composters quickly got overwhelming but then I found this:

426f76dc4a1974f27fa4ab81aecb3c27 (source)


It took all of 10 minutes…

2013-03-18 18.28.53

I just drilled holes through the top, sides and bottoms…

2013-03-18 18.29.27 2013-03-18 18.32.40 2013-03-18 18.33.00  then VOILA!

Two compost bins ready for the filling!  Just give them a rock back and forth each time you add to them and you’re done.  According to the source site, I should have good soil in 3-4 months!

Aren’t the simple options the BEST!?

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A Sweet and Simple Blanket

The best part of knitting for me is making something for someone special.  You can’t help but think about and pray for that person while you work.  One of my favorite people to knit for is my neice, Amelia (a.k.a. Sugar Bean).





So when I decided to start a project to help dwindle down my stash, she was the first one to come to mind.  I grabbed these three skeins of yard, all the same brand and weight but in three different color ways.  I picked them up years ago on clearance but since they were discontinued, I was limited to a one skein project… until I decided to combine them into a blanket to get a bit of an ombre effect.


I LOVE SELF STRIPING YARN!  No need to switch colors and sew in a million ends!


Knitting… and knitting… and knitting


then FINALLY done!!!!  With all the stripes, I decided to keep the pattern a simple stockinette with garter stitch borders.

5 7 8 10

I’m happy with the finished project.  It’s super soft and big enough for her to use for quite a while.  Now on to her new brother’s blanket!



US 6 circular needles
3 skeins sport weight yarn (404 yards/ 5.25 oz.)
needle for sewing in ends

CO 160 sts
K 10 rows
Front side: K across
Back side: K10, P to last 10 sts, k10
Continue pattern until blanket measures approx 46.5 inches with front side facing for next row.
K 10 rows
Bind off loosely and sew in ends.
{Finished dimensions 36” x 48”}

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It’s Pinterest Challenge Time!

It’s that time again!  It’s Pinterest Challenge time!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get the full run down over at Bower Power or Young House Love, but basically it’s about taking something you’ve pinned and making in a reality…

I’ve pinned the same thing repeatedly.  I actually feel lame for using it for the Pinterest Challenge because it’s starting to feel overdone, but alas…


(sources HERE and HERE)

I still  love this idea of taking a Staples engineering print and modge podging that sucker to a giant canvas.  So, I ordered the 36 x 48 print and grabbed one of my BOGO + coupon scored canvases from Michaels.

I started with my original photograph (shamelessly available at my Etsy Shop HERE) and sent the original size to Staples…


then gathered the necessary supplies and headed to the living room of my friend, Lynn of CaraBella Creative, so she could help me suss out the best way to tackle the project …

because, you know, reading the ACTUAL TUTORIALS would be lame or something.  Are you picking up the foreshadowing yet?

We decided to paint the whole canvas with modge podge, keep the print rolled, align it proper then roll it out, smoothing along the way.  Yeah… not so great.  The paper began to crinkle and stretch the second it touched the glue… so just like ripping off a bandaid, we ditched the slow and steady method for the “just get stuck on” method.  Because… yeah… tutorials…

At that point, it pretty much looked like a failure and a top coat didn’t help either… but LO AND BEHOLD!!!  As it dried, all the crazy ridges went way down… so much so that I sorta thought I should have just told you I added texture on purpose, but, you know, honesty in blogging and all.

6 Here she hangs in my bedroom and I’ve got to say, I love it!


Note to those that may want to tackle the project, follow Katie’s tutorial on Bower Power HERE… insulation board + glue stick = successful project.  ,

Don’t forget to check out what all the hosts did!

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Mini Valentine

I love Bananafishstudio a little too much.  This shop alone could annihilate my checking account. The freebies, though, make me happier than Christopher Columbus in a speed boat (name that commercial!)  So, when this free printable showed up in my Google Reader I couldn’t wait to make one. 



I won’t go into assembly details because they are all here, but it was EASY!  Print, cut, glue, then fill it up!



The only additional step I took was to hole punch the front and back covers to run some baker’s twine through to be able to tie the book shut.

What do you think?  Cute or what!?  I love this as an alternative to a traditional card and Sharayah seemed to love it… especially the animal pics 🙂

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Ombre Paint Chip Art

I’ve got to admit, all this “paint chip” art leaves me with mixed feelings.  I can’t help but blaming these crafters for the future when I’ll have to pay for paint chips for an ACTUAL PAINTING PROJECT…


when I was cleaning up the office I found this stack of paint chips I’d picked up to test out office colors.   It seemed like a waste to just throw them away so an impromptu project was born and my judgmental side received a little stab of conviction.

1All I did was grab the closest punch and went to town, working from the darkest cards to the lightest to create the gradient effect.  I thought about making it 3D with the butterfly wings bent but went the lazy route and used ye olde glue stick to fix them to white cardstock, cropped to 8×10.

2Then into a dollar store frame it went and up on the wall on an existing nail… because I’m a planner like that.


I don’t love the frame but I do love that this project was completely free.  Maybe I’ll go back and hit the frame with some spray paint for a pop of color.  We shall see.

So there it is.  I can no longer be outspokenly judgmental of paint chip crafters.  Darn you Pinterest.

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Turn on your heartlight…

I may or may not be quoting the Neil Diamond song, but this project has a little sparkle with or without the Diamond.  It all started with a random branch that my aunt and cousin spray painted in my grandma’s backyard while using gold paint for homemade Valentine’s presents.

I liked the branch so much I brought it home, scheming to make some kind of mobile out of it.  Enter a few dozen hearts hand cut out of glitter scrapbook paper.

1 Then I just poked small holes and used fishing line to attach the hearts to the branches at different lengths.  (This was the point were my poor friend stood holding the branch up while i tied and tied and tied… she’s a trooper!)

3And a little bit more fishing line had the bad boy handing from the chandelier


I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!  It’s hard to tell from these pictures but there is a nice sparkle to it.


and it really cheered up the place after I took down all the Christmas decorations (yes I JUST took them down!)


I have a feeling that this will be up way past Valentines Day!

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