May Habits

My “habit” resolution has gone about as well as all resolutions go… but I’m holding out the hope that some will stick.  After not even thinking about habits in April, I’m brushing the dust off and starting new in my favorite month.



may habits

1. TV free “T” days – that’s Tuesday and Thursday just in case you needed clarification.  I’m a TV addict.  I’ll admit it.  I justify the time waste by knitting or processing photos so TV time isn’t exactly unproductive but I get so much more done when it’s completely off… and usually, I have more fun!

2. Give myself a break – we are our own worst critics.  I set unrealistic expectations for myself as a norm.  I plan to work on gaining some perspective, with a little help from my friends, and be a little more gracious with myself.

3. Do something creative every single day – anything.  This includes 5-minute “make something out of office supplies” creative challenges amongst Skype buddies in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday.


What are some habits you are trying to develop?  Any projects on your radar?



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April: Currently…

April has been a full month and it’s flying by faster than you can say Quidditch.  I can’t believe that my birthday is right around the corner and temperatures are already reading the 90’s.  It seems like it goes faster and faster with every year… all the more reason to keep tabs on what’s going on in my life.



Anticipating: a full weekend of friend time and projects.

Booking: my flight to Vermont in June.

Changing: big chunks of my novel in draft two.

Drinking: decaf blueberry coffee.

Eating: kelp noodles.

Feeling: tired and inspired.

Grateful: for extraordinary provision.

Happy: I finally sprung for Adobe Cloud.

Ignoring: the voice in my head that says it will never happen.

Jumping: into a huge project full of unknowns.

Knitting: another endless blanket.

Listening: to ZZ Ward, Mumford… and Technotronic (don’t judge).

Making: final touches to my bedroom redo.

Noticing: my clothes fitting better after 6 weeks.

Optimizing: every free moment.

Practicing: my French accent.

Quizzing: my brain over at

Ready: to start painting cabinets.

Satisfying: my carb cravings with brown rice pasta.

Thinking: about the next storyline on the horizon.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visiting: old friends and new ones.  

Working: on new products for the Etsy shop.

X-ing: unrealistic expectations off my to do list.

Yielding: to my doodling cravings.

Zooming: through a re-read of all seven Harry Potters.


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March: Currently…

March will be over in a a matter of days and I can’t believe we’ve already got the first quarter of the year under out belts!  It’s really going WAY TOO FAST!





anxious to wrap up a million and one projects

banning sugar and carbs from my life

changing the way I think about food

drinking Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea

eating lots and lots of greens

feeling healthier than I have in years

grateful for an awesome new roomie

happy in my new yellow shoes

immersed in creative brainstorming

jumping at the chance to take part in my first Package Pals exchange

knitting little bunnies and a new baby blanket

loving the cool weather

marveling at how tech savvy little kids are these days

noticing palm trees… lots and lots of palm trees

obsessing over homemade vegan ranch dressing

proud to complete a 7 day cleanse

questioning the necessity of self-imposed complexities

ready to simplify

savoring every single bite

thankful for new found willpower

understanding spiritual disciplines more and more (but never enough)

visualizing long term goals

watching The Good Wife

x-ing “clean up the garage” off the to do list

yielding to pressures of a busy work schedule

zooming through yet another cheesy novel


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It’s my Pantone year!

So it’s no news to anyone at this point that the Pantone color of the year is emerald… but what you may not have realized that this choice is really a sign, a sign just for me, that it’s going to be the year of all years.  Year of the Snake?  Inconsequential.  The year of Emerald? Surely a sign from God that all will turn out like an emerald cut… well, emerald.



So not only is emerald my birthstone…

122821358366810But a little volcano names Mount St. Helens was erupting as my mom was in labor… and what did they make out of the volcanic rock?  You guessed it.


ring-ida-oval-side-set-R5716B70S_500x500(I’ll take this one… just saying)

So, obviously, I’m thoroughly embracing this color as well as this year.  Down to my fingernails people.


This WILL be my year!!!

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Bob Marley

Nothing invokes the feeling of a summer beach day like Bob Marley. I’m sitting on the edge of a boat with my feet dangling in the water… I’m driving over the causeway towards the beach and all its salty glory. I’m sitting outside at a dockside restaurant without a care or a to do list to budge me from my contended state.

As a native Floridian, I think I’ve always felt more connected to our tropical island counterparts to the south than the continent to the north of us. A saying you hear amongst us few natives is that in Florida, you have to go North to get to the South. We are a different culture, and at least on the coastal towns, inheriting the island feel. We are, after all, only one border away from being an island of our own. I wonder how wide a canal we’d have to dig across our Northern border to classify our fine state as an island?

I digress.

I’m sure most would agree that Bob Marley’s music was much more than intoxicating tunes but a way of life. His words were spiritual, political, emotional. The rhythms, the beats of an island, yes, but a higher rhythm I believe he found was that of humanity and love.

Bob Marley is undeniable. I love that no one, not layman, not scholar, not priest, not prophet… no one can deny this man his mark on humanity. He was a man with what some might have considered an extremist religion and a polarizing viewpoint and yet his legacy is Love. One Love! And the inherent freedom in that. That’s the man, the mystic and the mantle! The only thing I want to do in this life is to pick up that mantle of love and run with it, not out of fear, but rather the knowledge that I must pass it on.

-Tynisha Lean, Editor in Chief of Dasheen Magazine

Take a little listen and get your weekend started early:

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