I accept the challenge…

I accept the challenge!  That is, the Pinterest Challenge set forth by two of my favorite bloggers, Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power.  For the “official” rules, click HERE or HERE, but the basic gist is 1) pin something you like on Pinterest then 2) get your DIY on while putting your own spin on it. 

guess-what-time-2 If for some reason you don’t know what Pinterest is and you are wondering what on Earth “pinning” is, take Pinning 101.

So, down to business…

With the holiday season upon us, the Pinterest stream has been flowing with exciting and unique wreath options.  Here are the two that I managed to pin multiple times. 

wreath1 wreath2

I tracked the blue wreath back to its original creator, Etsy seller ItzFitz and the white wreath is originally from Better Homes and Garden.  My “twist” isn’t so exciting, I just decided that since I still most of November before the Christmas decor goes up I’d go for a Fall theme.  Enter Joann’s sale on seasonal items for seasons that have yet to pass…

The Goods:  

glue gun

$0 (from the craft closet)

glue sticks

$0 (from the craft closet)


$0 (from the craft closet)


$0 (from the craft closet)

straw wreath (in plastic)


4 sheets of felt                



$3.99 + tax


Here’s to actually completing a project! 

(Que the canned applause)

So, what have you been pinning lately?  I want to see what you are making!

Check out Sherry’s finished project over on Young House Love and Katie’s finished project over on Bower Power!  Go take a look, it’s a crazy link party over there!

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