DIY Invitations

July 1st was my grandmother’s 75th birthday, so my family and I thought, what better reason to throw a party?  Honestly, it doesn’t usually take very much to spawn our need to make excessive amounts of food, open copious bottles of wine and party on [Wayne].  But for Grandma, we wanted to make it extra special and invite as many of her friends as possible… and send REAL PAPER INVITATIONS VIA THE POSTAL SERVICE.  If that doesn’t say, “I love you, Grandma” I don’t know what does.

I trolled the aisles of Michael’s I finally found inspiration in the Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch and the Muse glitter open stock paper paper by Recollections.  I had the blue square envelopes in my stash so that inspired the overall shape of the invitation.

{Note: I’m going to mention Martha Stewart products a lot.  I don’t have any special affinity to them in particular, they were just on sale at Michael’s at the time of this project.  I received no perks but… ehem… I wouldn’t mind them… just sayin’.}


I started by cutting circles out of white cardstock with my Martha Stewart circle cutter (1 per invite), and punching butterflies from the glitter paper (2 per invite).


Originally I wanted the glitter side of the paper to be the outside of the card, but found out the hard way that it wouldn’t work… see that ugly cracking that happened when I folded it?


So, after a quick change of plans, I cut each sheet of glitter scrapbook paper (12 x 12) in half, then, with glitter side facing up, folded each side into the center creating two flaps.  Then repeated a bazillion times…  You see that white thing below?  I think it’s some kind of bowl scrapper for baking but it is perfect for smoothing down folds to get a perfect edge.


After that comes assembling.  I used a glue stick on the backs of the butterflies to affix in the center of the white cardstock circles.  Next, i used photo tabs (the double-sided tape kind) to attach the circle to ONE FLAP ONLY of the card, centering it over the two flaps.  I chose to alternate the butterfly color with the invite color… living on the edge, I know.


I printed the invitation information on vellum then cut down to size with my Fiskar paper trimmer and rounded the edges with the Martha Stewart punch.


Next up, I used brads stuck through the remaining butterflies to attach the vellum to the inside in the invitation.  I lucked out and found perfectly matching brads in my scrapbook stash!


Then into the envelopes and off in the post they went!


So there you have it!  Easy DIY invitations… now who’s inviting me to a party?

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Putting my money where my mouth is

One of my favorite quotes is


But something seems to get lost in translation.  I don’t think I forget what I want but my actions say something different entirely.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the “mindless” and entire evenings, days, weeks, months, years pass by and I’ve got a whole lotta nada to show for it…  The only cure to get out of a rut like this?  Well, it involves drastic measures.

I’ve deleted all games/time suckers from my phone. Goodbye fish tank.  Goodbye lovely farm.  My dream cafe?  DELETED. 

I’ve cancelled Netflix.  Today is the last day before the lights go out and I’m already experiencing DT’s.  I’m also fighting my compulsion to complete every series I’ve ever started.  There just is no way I’m going to get through the last 63 episodes of HIMYM by midnight tonight… 

I’m working on altering my schedule so instead of having a couple hours to doddle in the morning, I get straight to my day then have 6 uninterrupted hours in the evening to work on goals and general life necessities.

But it’s not all about scratching out to-do list items.  I recently read this article at and it left me convicted.  He says,

I’ve been challenged recently by the ease with which my time can be wastedBut, what about my time in “private meditation and communion with Christ?”

My time in private meditation has been “better” as I’ve embarked on my Bible-in-a-Year goal but it’s a far cry from what it should be.  Is there really anything I want more than my relationship with Christ?  If you ask me, I’d say, “Absolutely not!”  If you read my actions, though, a whole nother answer emerges. 

It’s time to remember what I want.


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