May: Currently… catching up

 May is a whirlwind every year… I don’t know why I forget that.  It gets me every time.  From a joint birthday dinner party with another May birthday friend, to Mother’s Day and a Memorial Day visit from my mom – the month was gone before I could blog about it.


Here’s to catching up!


Adding another year to my age.

Babying my bad ankle.

Celebrating lots of ladies in my life through Mother’s Day and birthdays.

Drinking specialty green birthday cocktails.

Eating loads of goodies off the grill.

Finishing my surveyor stand lamp at long last.

Grateful for weekends full with family and friends.

Happy to watch my baby cousins first dance recital.

Immersed in my microns and sketch book.

Jumping up and down over visiting the building big dreams are made of.

Knitting a red cabled slouch hat that reminds me of the one from Elizabethtown.

Loving the life being brought back into downtown Melbourne.

Marveling at the summer sunset.

Noticing hibiscus exploding everywhere.

Obsessing over my new silverware organizers.

Planting lots of veggies, herbs, flowers, and succulents.

Questioning my use of time and goal/habit strategy for 2013.

Relieved to finally paint my office.

Sewing runners for a birthday dinner.

Trying Thai iced tea for the first time.

Uncorking lots of cheat moscato.

Using all my organization/discipline skills to get my work projects back in line.

Visiting with my mom for an overdue girls’ weekend.

Watching The Good Wife and The Glades.

X-ing off parts of big house goals like the office and yard.

Yielding to the reality of my physical limits.

Zooming through days at an alarming speed.


How was your May?


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It’s my Pantone year!

So it’s no news to anyone at this point that the Pantone color of the year is emerald… but what you may not have realized that this choice is really a sign, a sign just for me, that it’s going to be the year of all years.  Year of the Snake?  Inconsequential.  The year of Emerald? Surely a sign from God that all will turn out like an emerald cut… well, emerald.



So not only is emerald my birthstone…

122821358366810But a little volcano names Mount St. Helens was erupting as my mom was in labor… and what did they make out of the volcanic rock?  You guessed it.


ring-ida-oval-side-set-R5716B70S_500x500(I’ll take this one… just saying)

So, obviously, I’m thoroughly embracing this color as well as this year.  Down to my fingernails people.


This WILL be my year!!!

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