Currently… catching up

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  I feel like I’ve started at least half a dozen posts with a sentence like that.  I almost apologized but decided it’s not really something to feel bad about.  So there’s that out of the way.

I feel like I’m behind in the entire race of life at the moment.  A lot has happened since my last “Currently” post so in the spirit of my September resolution to “call it all current and move forward” here is a wrap up since the last time I wrote.

This is what June through August looked like:

Anticipating: the arrival of my nephew, Harrison Jerome Grant, on June 22nd, visiting Vermont family in late June/early July, my 3rd foot surgery on July 19th, and walking again for the whole month of August.

Being: okay with saying “yes” when help is offered.

Compiling: lists of things I want to make for and do with my niece, nephew & baby cousin.

Drinking: as many Slurpees as people would bring me.

Embracing: the wheelchair.  It makes life much easier around the house!

Focusing: on all the blessings.

Grateful: for family visits in Vermont and more family time in Melbourne for recovery.

Happy: that more than half my plants have survived all the neglect they’ve been receiving.

Ignoring: the days/hours/minutes since my floor was last mopped.

Juggling: too many creative ideas, and having to let a few drop off the map for now.

Knitting: and ripping apart, then recasting in a different pattern, a baby blanket for ???

Listening: to Imagine Dragons.

Making: plans for the rest of the year.

Noticing: the perfection that is the evening light through my glass doors.

Obsessing: over budget and money.

Proud: of the new collection of prints I added to my Etsy site: OneThreadThatWinds.

Quitting: the guilt game.

Reading: Under the Dome by Stephen King.

Sitting: a LOT.

Thinking: about God’s grace and trustworthiness.

Using: lots of candles.

Visualizing: walking walking walking.

Watching: Falling Skies, Under the Dome.

X-ing: loads of things off my work to-do list.

Yearning: for that first cool breeze of Fall… should feel it in January sometime.

Zooming: through this year!  HOLY COW IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!!!!

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