The Pillows Are Talking

I love an ad hoc project.  Really, I think I just really like to procrastinate.  I seem to be most inspired when I need to be accomplishing something else.  This time… it was a talking pillow that led me off task.


A week or so ago, I was organizing my fabric stash and in the “I’ll do something with this someday” pile, I found this:


What is it, you may ask?  Well, a million years ago, I started a purse for someone or other.  I had knit this in the round and closed off the bottom with a double bind-off… then it sat in a drawer.

This time, as I tackled the “I’ll do something with it one day” pile with enthusiasm to purge, I finally had an idea.  Naturally, I stopped the presses, grabbed some white yarn and a needle and got to work, completely disregarding the half sorted piles surrounding me.


Before I knew it, the pillow was speaking to me… and I was in love.


I did a simple mattress stitch along the already sealed bottom, for decoration’s sake, then sewed up the top, pausing before closing the last few inches in order to stuff the pillow then finished off the top edge.


Voila!  Say hello to the cutest little pillow to ever meet my couch!

2013-04-25 21.59.50

logo copy

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