An Ottoman Tale

This is the story about an old, worn out ottoman.  It’s also the story about bad project process shots that leave me looking like I’m being eaten by said ottoman Little Shop of Horror style.


This isn’t a very detailed tutorial, mostly because most of my process was “wing it.”  It all started with removing the old fabric with a screw driver to pry up the original staples and a box cutter to cut out the stuck areas.


Then there was a lot of measuring… (that’s my friend Christine from Recipes by Christine)


and cutting…


and more cutting…


then there was the sewing. 

For the bottom side piece, we cut one long strip to wrap around the whole base then sewed it together in a loop.  The top side piece was done in the same way but I sewed the side to the top piece before sewing down the side.  It took a little tweaking here and there but it worked.


You can see that the base is already done.  We just slid the loop of fabric on then stapled the top then the bottom, pulling things snug and smooth along the way. 

The top was sew as a bottomless “box” so when I slipped it over the cushion, all I had to do was staple it to the underside.  

(This story was very nearly about how I appear to be in miserable pain whilst concentrating but I decided not to make it about me.")


Doesn’t this ottoman practically scream, “Feed me, Seymour!”


A few fun parts you missed because of my serious lack of forethought in the documenting process were having to rip the seams out of the top piece after I miscalculated the first time and the cover was way too loose.  Also, I was half way through attaching the top cover when I couldn’t get the staple gun in the right position because of the opening mechanism… enter the drill and my frustration.  We took off the whole top, finished it in no time, and I wished I’d taken it off in the first place.


So here she is, poor lighting and puppy photobomb and all.  I LOVE IT.  I love it so much I’m ready to recover my entire couch! 


Quinn loves it too, just not as much as he likes his picture taken.


Anybody want to take a turn at staple gun duty when I start the 6 piece sectional?  No?

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