Make your own stamp

Stamp making has been on my perpetual “To Do” list for far too long.  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had THIS kit sitting on a shelf in my office.  When I saw my Package Pal’s fun logo, though, I new just what my first stamp should be.



Equipped with a print out of the image, a sheet of stamp rubber, a speedball cutting tool, an exacto knife and a pencil I got to work.

step 1

I used the tried-and-true-rub-a-pencil-on-the back-side-of-the-paper transfer method to get the glasses on the stamp.


Ta da!  Next up, cutting off the portion of stamp I needed with the exacto.


Then brought out the big guns…


At this point, I just went to town, not really knowing what I was doing.  The trick seemed to be going slowly and taking small chunks at a time…


I’ve got to be honest though, I took away too much from one side, so I started over… in the end I took the left lens from the first stamp and the right lens from the second stamp and glued them together.


I think a design with less need for symmetry would have been a better option but it still turned out cute.

step 5

I chose to glue the stamp to a piece of wood (photo evidence fail) before I wrapped it up and sent its way… not before some practice stamps though!!


Now I want to make a stamp of EVERYTHING!   Stay tuned!  I’m sure some fun DIY stamps are in my future.

logo copy

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