Project Life: Week 12

I think this may have been one of my craftiest weeks in a loooong time and I was so stoked to get all my pictures in Project Life.  Thanks to participating in Package Pals, I was inspired to whip up lots of fun goodies for my “Pal”, Kelly over at  You can read all about  Interested in Package Pals?  See what it’s all about HERE and check out what we sent each other HERE and HERE.


My date card remains similar to previous weeks but thing time I used a wooden “tag” with silver number stickers for the week number.


The cats actually let me take their pictures so this is a pretty big deal…


Then comes the fun!  Food pics, of course, because I’m obsessed, and a few shots of Package Pal projects in process and an “inventory” shot in the bottom left corner of the package contents.  As always, I like to end with a sky picture…


Close up of some knitting work…


I can’t wait to Project Life the goodie box I received!!! Better than I ever expected!

 logo copy

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