Project Life: Week 10

Week 10 and I’m all up-to-date!  This week was jam packed with more projects than I ever though could be accomplished.  Most were done in the span of 6 hours on a Sunday thanks to my awesome friends… Keep your eyes out for some sneak peaks of what’s to come on the blog!




1xHere we go with my typical date card.  the “This is what life looks like” card is actually a 4×6 journaling card folded in half and tucked in… I had so many pictures this week I really needed the extra space to write out all the goings on of the week.


My love affair with 2.5” square photos and washi tape is going strong.  I also like the look of angling the photos so as not to cut off the graphics on the 3×4 cards.   3xAnd I continue to “hide” little notes behind photos… I love using this as my main journal as well as photo album so these hidden away cards are an easy way to keep more private things private.



Are you a Project Lifer?  Let me know!  I’d love to see what you’re working on!

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