Project Life: Week 9

I’m playing a bit of catch up with Project Life, but I’m finding that that is the true beauty of this process.  It is forgiving, low pressure and so easy and fun to get back on track!.




Nothing out of the ordinary in technique… 1

I’m still a fan of being consistent with my date card… just the dates stamped with a little embellishment.  This time I used some sticky tabs that I bought a million years ago and never broke open.


Square pics with white trim continue to be a favorite for sure…and the “currenlty” card from the seamfoam collection was a perfect addition to the text from THIS post.

3 March started with a birthday celebration for one of my favorite people on Earth.  I like using the same background across pockets to unite one event…4and that’s pretty much it.  Keeping it simple and LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT!!!

logo copy

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