Bob Marley

Nothing invokes the feeling of a summer beach day like Bob Marley. I’m sitting on the edge of a boat with my feet dangling in the water… I’m driving over the causeway towards the beach and all its salty glory. I’m sitting outside at a dockside restaurant without a care or a to do list to budge me from my contended state.

As a native Floridian, I think I’ve always felt more connected to our tropical island counterparts to the south than the continent to the north of us. A saying you hear amongst us few natives is that in Florida, you have to go North to get to the South. We are a different culture, and at least on the coastal towns, inheriting the island feel. We are, after all, only one border away from being an island of our own. I wonder how wide a canal we’d have to dig across our Northern border to classify our fine state as an island?

I digress.

I’m sure most would agree that Bob Marley’s music was much more than intoxicating tunes but a way of life. His words were spiritual, political, emotional. The rhythms, the beats of an island, yes, but a higher rhythm I believe he found was that of humanity and love.

Bob Marley is undeniable. I love that no one, not layman, not scholar, not priest, not prophet… no one can deny this man his mark on humanity. He was a man with what some might have considered an extremist religion and a polarizing viewpoint and yet his legacy is Love. One Love! And the inherent freedom in that. That’s the man, the mystic and the mantle! The only thing I want to do in this life is to pick up that mantle of love and run with it, not out of fear, but rather the knowledge that I must pass it on.

-Tynisha Lean, Editor in Chief of Dasheen Magazine

Take a little listen and get your weekend started early:

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