40 Random Things…

Get prepared for some reading…


1. I find that coffee is a solution to nearly every situation.

2. If coffee doesn’t work, jumping jacks do… you can’t do anything but feel silly and giddy after jumping around and flailing your arms for a few.

3. I haven’t had a haircut for over a year.

4. I’m allergic to tomatoes, eggs, dairy and corn.

5. I love tomatoes, eggs, dairy and corn.

6. I embrace suffering (therefore I’ll still mom’s “egg dish” and pay for it for days)

7. I want a new tattoo but I’m waiting (I know not what for).

8. I love slurpees … a lot.

9. I’ve been covered in someone else’s blood (that sort of evokes images of Dexter… not my intention.)

10. I have a compulsion to nickname everyone, and given nicknames evolve constantly causing people to give me looks like “what did you just call me???” I also come up with every possible nickname for people’s potential baby names… some people say I can only come up with horrible nicknames, I say kids are crueler than me and will come up with even worse ones so if they don’t like mine they better pick a new name.

11. I don’t use top sheets… EGATS!

12. I absolutely LOVE getting something other than bills and junk mail in the mailbox.  One postcard makes me happy for days :o)

13. I drive a red truck… it makes me feel tough… no, I won’t help you move… what’s that? free drinks?  okay!!!

14. In college I adopted two cats and named them Sonny and Cher.  Sonny died in a freak accident (with freakish similarity to his namesake).  After that, my roomie and I ended up with one rescue cat after another and started the Beatles with George, Ringo and Lennon but for some reason we never got a Paul…hmmm… anyways, I still have Cher and Ringo… strange couple.

15. I have two dogs: Kimi, short for Kimimela which means “butterfly” in native american, her official show name is “Too Damn Cute”, her nicknames are kim chi, cha chi, kimmers, scooby, goober, gumby, bisous, bonzo, dorko, and goobee… don’t ask.  Quinn’s official show name is “Pour Me Another” after his dad “Johnny Walker Black” (I don’t pick these names!).  He also goes by pupito, Q, Q-Pie, Quebec, Q-tilicious, buddy, bubba and budreaux.

16. I hate wearing shoes.  Since my two foot injuries and two foot surgeries in the last 4 years I’ve had to wear shoes more than ever and it’s no fun.

17. People who ask me if I’m related to Mariah Carey drive me crazy… yeah, she’s my sister but in my family we all share the same first name … and NO I don’t sing.

18. If I didn’t have to pay the bills or sleep I would write all day and all night.

19. I learned to knit from a book with no pictures and help over the phone from a friend several states away.

20. I have TMJ and my jaw has been locked for 17 years.

21. I slept outside in a field in Alaska… later saw the same city featured as the top spot for fatal bear encounters on “When Animals Attack”

22. The first and only fish I ever caught weighed about 40 pounds.

23. I never want to catch a fish again.

24. I bite the insides of my cheeks. You don’t have to scold me… the dentist already does that.

25. My favorite place on earth is Cades Cove in Tennessee.

26. I like to hang my head out of the car window and look straight up into the sky, preferably on roads with overhanging tree branches (from the passenger seat of course!)

27. I have anxiety over hanging things on walls… I once had a break down over unhangable shelves because of metal studs.

28. I borrow my friends’ husbands to hang things (and build things-James you are my hero!!!)

29. I’m still irritated that they turned “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” into “Winnie the Pooh’s Blustery Day” at Disney World.

30. One of my earliest memories was watching the Challenger explode from my front lawn and wondering why everyone was running inside to watch the tv when you could see it in the sky.

31. In elementary school I found a chunk of concrete that broke off the sidewalk and brought it to school for show and tell claiming it was part of the Berlin wall … I still have it in my rock collection.

32. I’ve started to write over 30 books and have finished the first draft of ONE.

33. I’ve been maid of honor 4 times.

34. I love to sing along to the Beatles at the top of my lungs with the windows down when I’m driving at night.

35. I was named after the song “They Call the Wind Mariah” from Paint your Wagon.

36. I’m sure you’ve noticed but I love the ellipsis… it’s the greatest punctuation ever and as I think in fragmented sentences I use it all the time.

37. If I could be any fictional character I’d either be Jo March or Elizabeth Bennett… or Lara Croft :o)

38. My eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing and when I cry they turn the brightest most unreal shade of green.

39. I have an actual phobia of throwing up. The tears stream and I have full blown panic attacks, as if throwing up isn’t embarrassing enough.

40. I’m ridiculously accident prone… I’ve broken my tailbone three times, stabbed myself through the foot with a shish kabob skewer, gashed my leg open on a septic tank, fallen down stairs in slow motion, fell off the back of a 4 wheeler and got dragged quite literally on my derriere, and broke my foot pushing my broke down truck out of traffic… the list could go on forever.

How about it? Write your own “random” list and link back! I’d love to read about you!

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