Project Life: Week 8

It’s Week 8 of 2013 and Project Life!  There is something priceless about capturing everyday moments.  I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I love this project… that and all the washi I get to use…


project life cover copy

1Nothing out of the ordinary for the overall layout…2 Keeping things consistent with “dates” card and loving the bold “You are here” card from the Seafoam Collection3 Easily my favorite palm tree picture of late…4 and commemorating a milestone with my truck…5 I love using the same paper across multiple pockets like with my sushi pics.  It’s fun for a series of photos.6 The twine chain is connected to a note tucked behind the “This is Life” card…7 and it started unintentionally, but I’m making a habit of including a sunrise/sunset pick as the last image of the week.  I like that my book started with a sunrise and I intend for the last page to be the December 31st, 2013 sunset.


logo copy

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