Project Life: Week 7

Welcome to the bad photography club seventh week of Project Life!  The “big deal” of this week was Valentine’s Day and while I usually shun VD there ended up to be a lot to write home about…




1 The left side was about everyday moments…2 and the right was “Valentine’s” focused with a big envelope insert to hold the homemade card from my favorite little cousin, Sharayah.

3 Nothing exciting technique-wise, but I like the uniform size and paper on the four 3×4 slots and the silver letters spelling out “everyday moments.”

4 My poor truck “Red” was hit the hardest this V Day, literally, then my aunt duct taped the bumper back on (with Rayah’s help of course).  I finally found a use for the mini cards and envelopes (see bottom left) for more private notes…

5 and I love the look of the paper heart doily split between the two 4×6 pockets.

6 Have I mentioned lately that I love this project??? Cause I DO!!!

project life cover copy

logo copy

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