February: Currently…

February.  The shortest month but one packed full nonetheless.  From work to crafting to work to holidays (did I mention work?) it’s been busy but so good…




Anticipating: the March Partner Pal exchange!

Baking: Maple Dijon Potatoes and Green Beans… YUM!.

Changing: back to a vegetarian diet.

Drinking: good ole H2O.

Embracing: busy, productive yet fun weekends planned for March.

Finishing: Week 8 of Project Life.

Grateful: for friends that can read my mind.

Happy: to be digging into my second draft of the novel.

Ignoring: the voice of doubt.

Juggling: work, writing, crafting, blogging, sleeping.

Knitting: a striped baby blanket (still!)

Listening: The Lumineers.

Making: the most of the motivation I can muster, even if it’s not much.

Noticing: the overflowing stock of supplies for various incomplete projects.

Obsessing: over clearance fabric on Etsy.

Proud: to be blogging as much as I have.

Quitting: stress… yup, it’s a 12 Step Program.

Ready: to make huge strides on my house project list.

Sacrificing: things that hold me back.

Thinking: about my baby nephew and anticipating his debut in June.

Using: washi tape like it’s going out of style.

Visualizing: my dream studio with my favorite creative partner.

Watching: The Following.

X-ing: something… ANYTHING… off the list before Friday!!!

Yearning: to be closer to everyone I love.

Zooming: through the backstreets on the way to work, trying to avoid tolls.

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4 thoughts on “February: Currently…

  1. Like two peas in a pod we are. And pretty soon we’ll be like two peas in a historic reno’d multi-use inspirational space for creatives! And shoeless meetings.

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