Project Life: Week 6

Week 6 and I’m pretty impressed with myself having stuck with ANYTHING this long!  I didn’t do a very good job remembering to take photos throughout the week but the weekend, as usual, provides good material.  If there weren’t weekends, this project would just be about displaying pretty paper… which, I’d actually like in a strange way.


I digress…

1 I stuck with my usual date card added a journal-rundown of the events of the week and took advantage of my lack of photos to include two uninterrupted 3×4 cards from the Seafoam Collection.


I took advantage of a wide shot of Sharayah’s encounter with two sandhill cranes in Grandma’s front yard to stretch across the four 3×4 slots and I embellished some Seafoam paper with black chevron washi and added a label for a little text. 3

and that’s pretty much it…. 4 Not a whole like to write home about but that’s okay… some weeks are like that!

5 Overall, this has been about giving myself permission to keep things simple and reminding myself to just ENJOY the process…

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