Project Life: Week 5

The fact that it’s February already is sort of blowing my mind.  I’m still waiting for winter to show up here in Florida but it looks like we’ve been skipped all together this year.  The skies do get amazing with this type of weather, though, so I can’t complain much.


1Again, a simple title card and lots of Martha Stewart labels wrapped around edges.  I’ve started stamping on cardstock then cutting out the shape to add a bit more embellishments to my photos.  On the bottom, I let the pinwheel card show through from the week prior and used a 3×4 card for some journaling.  The bottom right is a photo of a million and one freaky little birds that were swarming outside my office window. It was straight out of a Hitchcock movie.

2The second page was pretty much devoted to our Third Annual Friendsgiving a.k.a. “we are too busy to see each other during the holidays so let’s do something in February when the thought of Thanksgiving food sounds good again and we aren’t so busy.”

3I couldn’t resist adding some bakers twine to this cute little card…

4I’m really loving the look of photos cropped down and layered over a background card.  These are cropped to 2.5” square.  A little washi holds them in place and helps me justify the rolls and rolls of tape I’ve accumulated.

5I took a screen clip of the evite we used for our dinner and cut it to fit the four 3×4 slots across the middle (throwing a snapshot in for good measure).

6Why did I include three pictures of the same turkey? Well, you see, every gathering we have turns into an instagram challenge.  I’m not sure how this got started but two of my friends in particular are pretty competitive so these were the three “entries.”  I love that I caught one friend in the act, lining up a shot!

7 How is your February shaping up?  Freezing off your tail feather?  Pull the flip flops back out?

wk5 project life cover copy

logo copy

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